Are you guilty of using your phone right before bed? Do you lay in bed and start scrolling away until you notice it’s past midnight? Yeah, it appears that a lot of people are guilty of this. But did you know that this is actually pretty bad? In fact, your bedtime screen time should probably stop due to some of its harmful effects.

  • Digital Eye Strain: Spending too much time on screens often leads to digital eye strain. This is because our eyes have to work harder to focus, causing discomfort and vision issues.
  • Less Sleep: Did you know that blue light affects melatonin production? This is the hormone that regulates sleep. Using screens before bed can disrupt your sleep cycle, making it harder to fall and stay asleep.

Felix GrayFelix Gray
  • Blurred Vision and Dry Eyes: Have you ever noticed your eyes get irritated if you’re looking at a screen for too long? Well, the high-energy blue light penetrates deep into the eye, exacerbating these issues.
  • Eye Fatigue and Headaches: This is something that actually surprises people, but its blue screen can affect your blink rate. How? Well, it’s all due to the overuse of the eye muscles, and needing to constantly refocus the eyes when looking at screens.

If you’re interested about the other effects and the sheer amount of people this affects, then be sure to check out the following infographic. It’ll show you how harmful blue light and constant screen use can be, especially when you’re trying to get to sleep. Is it affecting you too?,