Non-surgical Botox therapies are trustworthy tools for youthful facial skin and appearance. The neurotoxin works on frown lines and wrinkles to give your face a smooth and soft look. However, the dynamic cosmetic treatment industry continues to add more solutions to help people fix their problems and enjoy the positive attention coming their way, even as they age. A new procedure that gets the spotlight alongside Botox is Jeuveau. Let’s delve into these procedures for a better idea. 

Botox and Jeuveau

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is an anti-aging agent that treats wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and more. In some cases, the injection can also help patients manage migraines and excessive sweating. Jeuveau is called the new Botox because it contains the same ingredients found in original Botox injections. It is more famous for treating frown lines. Surveys demonstrate that 67 to 71% of people reported tremendous improvement in their frown lines after starting the treatment. While it can also be administered in other body parts, consulting with your med spa doctor will be better. If you wish to try this option, search for Botox near me on the internet. An accomplished health and beauty center will offer all types of procedures for its patients.

The difference between Botox and Jeuveau

Botox is more expensive than Jeuveau. A single Botox injection costs around USD $10-20. The cost of Jeuveau is around 20 to 30% less or near about. While this may not appear big, the prices quickly increase if you take higher shots of Botox. Another difference lies in their formulation. The advanced Jeuveau solution can eradicate harmful proteins and promote the safe assimilation of the solution in your system faster. Also, both of these offer excellent results, but Jeuveau can provide a longer-lasting impact in a few cases.

Choosing between Botox and Jeuveau

These cosmetic treatments give smooth and rejuvenated skin by attacking fine lines and wrinkles. They do equally well in improving frown lines. However, any individual can decide between them based on their aesthetic goals. If you need quicker results, Jeuveau can help more. But you may find more comfort in Botox because of its long history and success stories. Some people have lower pain thresholds, while others can tolerate more. In either case, the level of discomfort will depend more on personal experience than anything else. However, deft hands can make an incredible difference in this aspect. Cost is also a critical factor. As hinted above, Jeuveau is more affordable. 

Since it’s a complicated decision, only your skin and beauty expert can guide you better. You can find it overwhelming to pick one over the other. If you visit a trusted medical spa, you can value the opinion and diagnosis of the doctor. They will recommend something based on your skin condition, expectations, budget, etc. Still, Botox injections can be the only solution if you need assistance with migraines and sweating. Jeuveau may be more suitable for wrinkle and fine lines treatment. Unlike others, the good thing is that these treatments rarely cause any significant side effects. The typical issues include minor headaches, drooping of brows or eyelids, swelling, etc. These can be taken care of.