By Simi A Mira

At some point in your life, you have to stop going for the cheap prices and start looking up for some quality. If this is all very true when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories, it is even more relevant it the fairy world of nail polishes. If you thought your hand-bag is as fair as the eye can go, read this carefully. Whether you are playing an invisible piano in front of your date, holding your phone, touching your hair, or eating this greasy burger that you should never look in the eyes, your hands are the main attraction. And that is why they should be as attractive as you’re trying to look.  Clean hands ? Check. Moisturized hands ? Check. Nail polish? Here are 7 must-have.

1. Dazzling, by Guishem, $14Guishem

Enough with the red, this deep blue is the new bordeaux. You cannot go wrong, as it will match perfectly with every outfit you were planning to were at this party. If you are a lucky one, it’ll match your eyes. Original and intense, just follow.

2. Cosmic, by Dior, $27Cosmic

I see mojitos, sand on my feet, a tanned hottie holding my hand and a beautiful sunset. Where do I see it? On my nails. There is no way you won’t be staring at the tip of your fingers, waiting for all these to become true before your eyes. Fake it until you can make it, and choosing Cosmic might be the first step.

3. Batignolles, by Christian Louboutin, $50

You wanted the shoes, now you’re going to crave the nail polish. Modern life has too little room for fairy-tales and adventure. Don’t wait and go on your own journey, with your luxury sword and your bold color. Be yourself, or no one is going to care.

4. 4, by Clé de Peau Beauté, $254, nail polish

You don’t have to get a rainbow on your nails. If purple, blue, green and yellowish are not your style, stick to red. But if you are going to lack originality, at least do not lack style. A brand, a packaging and a different red, that’s all it takes.

5. Aero by JINsoon, $18Jin soon

Can you handle a light color? If the answer is yes, then you will have to get the best of the light blues. It is adorable, fresh, young, exactly like you wish you would look. Well, you’re closer now.

6. Rose Illusion by Givenchy, $23givenchy

This beautiful blond girl, running on the roofs of Paris, wearing this little pink dress. She stops, close-up on her fingers. A delicate pale pink, just deep enough to make a woman of her, and so cute that anyone would risk their lives for her. Let it shine.

7. White Snow by Marc Jacobs $18best nail polish

You are not a young hippie wandering around at music festivals, covered in paintings and wearing destroyed crop tops. You have a life. You are not boring, you just prefer keeping your heels clean. And that is why you threw away these blues, greens, yellows. Because Marc knows better, he has found this color. Just for you.

All you need now is seven wishes.