The power of antioxidants isn’t a mystery to those in the health space. Antioxidants and their potency to prevent and heal a variety of issues in the body has consumers scrambling to find the next best antioxidant packed food and beauty products. Antioxidants are simply substances that occur naturally and can also be formulated in a lab. Their main function is to prevent, repair, and slow the decay and damage of our cells. Man made antioxidants can be produced on a mass scale and be used in various ways. Natural antioxidants are often found in nutrient dense foods we eat like berries, seeds, oils and other superfoods. But how can we optimize antioxidant consumption to benefit our bodies to the max? Where can we find antioxidants? Continue reading to discover the secret to antioxidants.

Food Sources

The largest source of antioxidants is found in food. Our lives often revolve around food and a healthy diet packed with antioxidants is sure to boost antioxidant levels in our bodies. Berries, of any sort, are jam packed with antioxidants but wild berries especially hold significant amounts of antioxidant power.  Berries are considered nature’s candy so instead of reaching for a sugar filled treat, grab a bowl of berries instead. From blackberries, gooseberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and more, the antioxidants teaming in these tart and tangy sources of palate pleasing fruits are teaming with healthy benefits. Try incorporating these fruits into your diet by replacing unhealthy sweets with berries. Although these fruits do contain sugar, it is significantly healthier to over eat on berries than on snacks like cookies, cakes, and sugary drinks. You can even harvest the power of berries by infusing them into your daily bottle of water. Moderation is the key to a balanced diet, and the same applies to berries.

Of course there are hundreds more food options that contain antioxidants such as leafy greens and many other vegetables, meats, and protein sources. Berries just happen to contain the most and are a convenient and easy way to replace dangerous sources of sugar found in many unhealthy desserts.


Many oils have gotten a bad rap in the healthy industry and some for good reason. Some refined oils have been so processed that consuming them in large amounts, or on a daily basis, can be a detriment to a healthy heart and body. But there are some oils that remain especially healthy for daily use and are even recommended by healthy experts and medical professionals. It is important that these oils be organic, cold-pressed, sourced from a single region, and expeller pressed.

Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are two of the most heart healthy oil choices because of the antioxidant power that they contain. They are also less likely to clog up arteries than other fats like butter. Some doctors recommend drizzling olive oil on any carbs that you may eat with a meal to help increase the body’s defense against sugars and other damaging substances.

The antioxidant Carbon 60, otherwise known as C60 is one of the most potent antioxidants that neutralizes free radicals many times over with the ability to keep going by resetting itself. C60 is a naturally occurring molecule that has 60 carbon atoms attached in the shape of a sphere. C60 has the capability to boost skin vitality, decrease inflammation, and much more. C60 organic extra virgin olive oil is a great addition to a healthy mediterranean diet. With the power to relieve oxidative stress, using organic extra virgin olive oil on salads, cooking, and even applying it to your skin has unending healthy benefits.

Sugar and Artificial Flavors

Sugar, found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, has its place in a well-balanced diet. The problem begins when sugar, and artificial sugars begin to take over our diet in an unnoticed way through additives in food that we don’t pay attention to. The western diet is flooded with sugars, artificial flavors, and preservatives much of which we don’t notice because we don’t check food labels. If an ingredient list is a mile-long it’s time to put back those types of products and opt for something with less ingredients and ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

Consuming too much sugar and artificial flavors and dyes found in some of our favorite foods and beverages, has the opposite effect as antioxidants. We can’t be foolish enough to assume that as long as we consume some antioxidants it will overpower the potency of the unhealthy substances we eat. Sugar and preservatives unravels the hard work of antioxidants in our body and prevents us from getting the full benefits of antioxidants. That’s why our diet choices are so critical in building healthy bodies and lifestyles.

To release the full potential of antioxidants, it simply comes down to making better choices in our daily diet and the products we use.