By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Let’s face it. Most people do not have front row seats to New York Fashion Week 2016 and certainly do not have access to the after parties. Do you need to be an A-lister to attend? The jury is still out on that one and basically, it boils down to who you know. This year’s fashion week ended with a bang and the parties were as usual “off the hook”.

While the performer pass comes with a price, attending the after parties is indescribable and worth any ticket – after all, downtown Manhattan has transformed into the celeb fashionista place to be. For the ticketless, the best place to hang out would be the Skylight Clarkson Square, Skylight at Moynihan Station and MADE Milk Studios. A non-ticked attendee should make sure to linger outside these venues in order to take some sick street-style pics or be mistaken for a fashion blogger. There were also some free events to attend, as typically fashion week features 7 new designers per year and these shows are either free or $12 to attend.

While fashion designer Alexander Wang, attracted A-listers to his show, his after-party was also attended by the celebrities. After all, you certainly on the map when Miley Cyrus shows up topless at a warehouse party with pasties in Brooklyn. Rihanna was listed as the hostess as the mostess and hosted her own A-lister party complete with a glamorous white gown.

Todd Snyder’s party was also the talk of the town, with pirate-style appetizers at the Gilded Lily. Todd closed the men’s wear fashion party with a splash and mirrored his brands ascetic – one part outdoor woodsmen and the other part complete elegance. While the bar was steaming with patrons, Snyder partnered up with Timex who was doling out watches for all partygoers. Apparently, this caused quite a bit of a bottleneck in the front of the room.

Moving on down the street was yet another fabulous party in the meat packing district. The Up & Down party did not start until midnight and supermodels were break dancing on the dance floor. While the party for the upstart brand Rochambeau attracted quite the crowd, the designers had not made an appearance as of 1 a.m. The bottom line is that fashion week isn’t just about this year’s latest trends, it’s about girls and some of the hottest fashion editors on the planet, and of course the celebrities who choose to make an appearance.

Last but not least was the ever so popular FCancer party and silent auction, complete with a bohemian theme and gypsy dancers. All of the volunteers helped with the event in order to support cancer foundations that did not have adequate services. This glamourous event boasted attractive head gear, food trucks and music courtesy of The Turbans and Damian Lazarus. At the end of the day, the designers were more focused on supporting a worthy cause instead of their new line.