This was one of the hardest introductions to write because Zippy is not someone you explain, she is someone you experience.

I have never quite met someone like Zippy.

She instantly comes across exactly who she is. There is no bullshit whatsoever. Nothing to hide.

In this industry you come across a lot of fake personalities, so it was so refreshing to have someone drift into your life like her. And that’s literally what it feels like she is always doing, just drifting along so effortlessly.

I remember meeting Zippy back in Bondi and instantly thought, what a seriously cool chic she was, with what would’ve had to be a fake stage name. But alas, no, just to add to the fact that she was already so rad, she has to turn up with what is in my opinion one of the sickest names to be given naturally at birth. A true testament to her life journey.

Zippora Rose Seven. A New Zealand heartthrob without even knowing it, Zippy has been the cover girl for Pulp, No Magazine, Oyster & Frankie, just a couple of front pagers! She also regularly shoots for Elle Australia, Fallen, Yen and is always popping up in ad campaigns for Bonds, DKNY, Portmans, Sass & Bide, Sportsgirl, Zambesi, Westfield… the list goes on.

My favorite thing about Zippy is that she’s not afraid to take it all off, not because she’s trying to be sexy, but because she believes in the natural beauty of the human body.

She is probably one of the most free spirited, honest and softest humans I have had the pleasure of knowing. As close to nature and love as they get.

I welcome Zippy into your world, everyone. Enjoy the trip!