Eight years ago on Halloween, I found myself standing next to a masked Zorro, cape and all. A drunk couple passed by, stopped us and said, “Wow! What a wonderful couple you two make”. Without hesitation, the two of us rambled on about how happily married we were, with three kids at home, etc…

Fast forward now to about two years into our relationship… One night during a heated argument, Oliver yelled, “whatever, I’ll just go and find the dream girl I met on Halloween years ago ”. Shocked and speechless, it was there and then that we pieced it together and realized we had actually met many years before we even knew. This is what I like to call fate.

Ladies, this is my best friend, my husband, my partner of seven years, Mr. Oliver Benz.

The first question people always ask us is did we meet on set? No, it was fate. Easily answered.

Oliver and I have travelled the world together, brought up a five year old dog together, and just recently exchanged vows in front of 125 of our closest friends. I know everything there is to know about this man, and I plan to expose it all on this website, haha I’m kidding.

But it has been an interesting ride dating a male model and I think it’s given me serious insight into the world of male modeling; the different stages involved in making a name as a model and the competition in the industry.

Oliver, however, is one of those humans who just seems to be good at everything he does. As a musician, he is a natural, any type of sport or ballgame, he will be good at – and without being biased, he is just a sincerely gentle and kind soul. (Cue, awww….) I think this is the reason he does so well: clients love him and people just want him to be around because of his great energy.

Oliver has worked on numerous ad campaigns, the odd embarrassing underwear shoot and I’ve often had to sit back watching him heatedly make out with glamourous women for music video clips and commercials. It’s the price you have to pay for being married to a famous male model… so my friends tell me.

Ladies, you can look, but dont touch… here is Mr. Oliver Benz.

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