Traveling with someone is intimate, living with another person is an experience, but sharing an air mattress with someone for three months? Now that’s true love.

Luci and I each arrived in New York almost days apart and were as lost as each other when we got here. I had known Luci for years before that. Her sister was one of my closest friends and we had worked together on more jobs than we both liked to admit, but for some reason we never really knew each other.

New York can be a daunting city, and we both arrived unarmed and afraid. We quickly realized we needed to latch on and find our feet in the city, together. Somehow, that led us to sharing an air mattress for the first three months after arriving, in a massive loft on Broadway, with five American frat boys. To walk away from an experience like that, still as close as ever, there was no better way for us to realize we were meant to be together forever.

And, like most true love stories, this one continues on with happy tales of drunken nights, dinner parties, weddings, laughter and occasional tears. Luci is one of the most capable women I know and we are a serious power couple together. Working together behind and in front of the camera, Luci is featured in three main shoots on AMFAM alone. As a model, she has covered pages of massive publications, and for a whole month I had to stare at her 20 foot body on a billboard in the middle of Soho. With a degree in fashion design, she started her own swimwear label, and is the author, stylist and model behind, an incredibly aesthetically soothing gallery of all things wonderful. She is a woman of MANY talents. She is my rock and I would be lost without her smile.

Ladies, and especially gentlemen, my Lulu: Lucinda Taffs.