What seems like a million years ago, at a small bar in Bondi, I caught the eye of this young, fresh faced little rock star. It was love at first sight. Josh and I have a long history of adventures together and enjoy a good old fashioned life chat at the best of times. Two old souls that just connect.

He is one of those kids that just gets life. He enjoys reading a book, exploring nature and writing music. A true gypsy at heart and will take any opportunity to wander the world on his own. Often I never actually know where in the world he is, but he will always make sure he reports back once in a while, to tell me he is a-ok.

Josh has been modeling and breaking hearts across the world for many years now. During his stint in LA, he started a career in acting, and has been the face of numerous men’s campaigns, covered glossy magazine pages across the globe, and even been featured as the love interest in a series of music clips that reach out to all his screaming teen fans.

He is definitely one to watch and I am happy to share him now with the rest of the world, as we talk to him about his life, his travels and the small fact that he’s another one of my friends who just happens to be a model.