About five years ago in Australia, I was given the card of a new fresh face to watch, Georgia Fowler. I pounced on the opportunity to shoot her, and literally a week later, had her in the studio with Darren McDonald, testing out this new girl. She was everything. 

Young, super sweet and jaw droppingly beautiful. Everything I put on her looked amazing and she was a complete natural in front of the camera. And, as you do on a test, I had some of my personal wardrobe pieces with me, which then got thrown to the back of my closet, as those items I could never bring myself to wear again, because I knew they would never look as good on me as they did on Georgia. 

My friend Jack was assisting me on the day and I had to literally pep talk him into not hitting on her, she was an absolute dream. 

A few months ago, I found myself out at a bar, and in walks Georgia. I almost fell off my seat. From being this young, quiet little fresh-faced model, there was a mature, confident supermodel of a woman. I was gob smacked. I have never seen a girl grow into herself more perfectly. She had this effortless cool factor about her, which was so endearing, with piercing come-hither eyes and a body to kill for. Yet, when I pulled her aside, she was still modest, hard working and unassuming. She is one of those models who balances studying with a busy work schedule, which I always find very admirable and sensible. 

Georgia has been seen on the pages of every print media form, from Vogue and Grazia fashion editorials, to the covers of Remix and Yen mags. She is one of the fair few models I know who can pull off looking sexy in a full men’s outfit, as equally as she makes fashion look expensive. She also just recently shot cheeky, tasteful nudes, which kind of blew my socks off, and was recently on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, as one of the fresh faces of Australian fashion. 

She is no longer the one to watch, but the one we are all watching.

Georgia Fowler.