I was traveling in Mexico a few weeks back and I was at this restaurant eating guac and chips. There were two different types of chips and for some reason, the obvious choice was to go for the thin, larger, crispy looking ones. Half way through the bowl of guac, the waiter came up to me, astonished and said “what you are doing right now, is like dating a girl for a year and then suddenly meeting her way hotter younger sister. You need to try the other chip.” And to my amazement, it was so much better.

This is my way of explaining Mr. Dane Tutton. Now, please don’t get me wrong, his older brother is a very dear friend and absolute legend to say the least, but when I first met Dane, my first reaction was: where the fuck have you been hiding him all this time?!

Dane is one of those mysterious creatures, that although he is not too bad to look at, he is absolute quality to have around and also happens to have the BIGGEST……. heart (you hoped I was going elsewhere with that?).

He came to NY a few years ago and quickly became the third wheel in mine and Oliver’s relationship. We did almost everything together, and the best part about getting to know Dane was figuring out how much more there still is to know. He has a story about everything, and seems to have delved into every single profession when the conservation comes to it. He is artistic, handy around the house, cooks like a true housewife and yes, he just so happens to be a model as well.