Clothes are in high demand like they have always been. What’s more interesting is that this growth in the popularity of fashion has enabled many stores and small-scale businesses to expand by purchasing large quantities of clothes from all over the globe.

If you’re working in the clothing field and looking for wholesale clothes at affordable costs and high quality, the first thing to think about is where you can search for a reliable wholesaler. It is impossible to earn money if you buy items from stores and sell them back at a more significant cost. You could increase prices for Clothing, which may turn the buyer off and lead to customers not buying from you in the future.

This article focuses on the best wholesale clothing websites that offer wholesalers that sell high-quality Clothing that can be purchased at a less expensive cost. Furthermore, the websites we’ve put together for you provide excellent bulk discounts from which your company can profit.


Shewin is an internet-based Wholesale and Retail site for women’s fashion clothes and offers Oem and dropshipping. It provides high-quality products at reasonable prices that are easy to match and ideal for office, daily life traveling, leisure, and celebrations. For example, Tops and Dresses, Bottoms, Graphic apparel swimwear, ACCS and jewelry, Shoes, Bags two price sets curve+ plus, Activewear sweaters, and Cardigans as well as Outerwear and more.


More than 5,000 sqm of their manufacturing facilities with more than 100 high-quality partners, with daily production of over 100,000 pieces. All for the fastest and most efficient buying experience.


Alibaba is among the top B2B platforms that help companies worldwide fulfill their inventory needs. Alibaba has a vast network of wholesale clothing vendors on its site. However, Alibaba can’t satisfy the requirements of a clothing business looking for something other than essential casual Clothing.

In addition, Alibaba also offers a unique service called “trade assurance service,” meaning that the site assures prompt delivery of all items. If the shipment fails to arrive within the specified timeframe, Alibaba will give a complete refund of the purchase amount. Alibaba also has a quality assurance team that provides buyers with bulk quote requests.

Global Sources

This site is a wholesale women’s clothing marketplace that lets clothing companies contact manufacturers directly. The sellers on this site have a badge verified by the platform, which signifies a business as authentic.

It is better to reach out to the vendor to inquire about the availability of the products as well as delivery, shipping, and other necessities. Although it needs to be equipped with the sophisticated features of Alibaba, it offers an extensive database of wholesalers confirmed by its website.

Alanic Clothing

Alanic Clothing is a platform that connects consumers with the top sports and fashion brands across the globe. Few wholesale clothing sites are as global as Alanic Clothing. The company’s headquarters are in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. Additionally, the site offers a variety of fitness clothing, such as sports t-shirts, leggings, and many other essentials for sports.

Additionally, the site lets clothing companies order customized Clothing under their brand. Anyone can request an estimate of their order from any seller via the Request for Quotation feature. Fill out the Get a Quote form, after which the merchant will reply with a quote. If a business would like to acquire high-end fitness and sportswear with affordable costs and minimal shipping charges, Alanic Clothing is ideal for them.


CJ is another popular eCommerce Chinese wholesale clothing suppliers site that permits businesses to contact CJdropshipping to buy wholesale clothes. CJ is a platform that allows you to place an order for large quantities, dropship, and pre-order inventory in advance. All this can be easy to do as CJ has over thirty warehouses around the globe.

Ali Express

AliExpress, On its own, is more focused on offering wholesale boutique clothing to businesses across the globe. The Chinese suppliers dealing with clients have a solid knowledge of English and can converse with those who wish to sell their clothes through their site.

While AliExpress is a retailer, you can still buy their products at wholesale prices according to what you’re purchasing from them. Furthermore, the products offered on AliExpress are high-quality and can easily compete with internationally-known brands. You have decided to open an online clothing shop. If so, you must look into AliExpress as well, where the suppliers have warehouses in different countries, including, for instance, Germany, the USA, Russia, and most regions of Europe. They can deliver directly to the store via these places, which means faster delivery and less wait time for low shipping costs.