Summertime is the best season to enjoy the outdoors, whether it is ball games or going to a beach. But before you join in the fun outdoors, know the importance of being hydrated well.

Hydration is important, especially during summer, as our bodies tend to lose a lot of body fluids through sweating. One of the reasons dehydration is a threat is because the body comprises about 70% water. When this level goes down, you will be forced to undergo IV therapy, a treatment for flu, dehydration, and hangovers.

Factors Determining Water Intake Needs

During summer, the weather is humid and hot. And because of that, your body will sweat a lot, requiring you to drink more water.

Activity level is another factor dictating your water intake needs. Whether you are an athlete or a gym enthusiast, you sweat more when working out. Sweating demands more water intake to replenish the body fluids you lost. Other factors may include the following:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Overall health

The Best Motivation to Drink More Water

Adding natural flavors to water will be okay, especially if you do it moderately. You don’t need to turn into an artificial enhancer to make your water taste great.

You can squeeze some lemon in your water to add a little zing while tossing yummy antioxidant-rich berries in the water.

Why Maintain an Optimum Level of Hydration

Hydrating during summer is important to keep your body healthy and working at its best. Dehydration causes a lot of health issues, from headaches and fatigue to more serious conditions, such as heatstroke and exhaustion. But proper hydration isn’t all about preventing health problems. It may also offer you the following benefits:

1.     Maintain a High Energy Level

Dehydration can be very detrimental to muscle performance and muscle tissues. When your body is exhausted, water serves as an energy drink to boost your body’s energy and help overcome lethargy, sluggishness, and fatigue.

Proper water intake is important for lubricating your joints and transporting fluid to working muscles, which may help cure sprains and cramps.

2.     Maintain a More Comfortable Temperature

If you often suffer from sweating or extreme highs in body temperatures during summer, drinking a lot of water will help to keep your body cool by reducing your body temperature. Water also works as a body regulator to keep you cool and balance your systems during the system.

3.     Make the Skin Smoother

High winds, hot temperatures, and exposure to the sun can dry your skin. If your skin gets dehydrated, it will start losing its elasticity.

Staying hydrated properly will help to keep your skin feeling and looking soft and smooth throughout the year. You all know that too much sun exposure may harm the skin and make it age faster than it should. And the best way to keep yourself looking younger is to maintain a steady water intake.


About 70% of your body consists of water. Healthcare experts say that water is a vital part of your body, enabling the proper functioning of organs. Summertime is the best to have fun and explore, and staying hydrated throughout this period is key to preventing dehydration.