Ever find yourself a little bit tipsier than you would like? Maybe you aren’t really up for a night of drinking but find it hard to say no when those cocktails are calling, or perhaps you want to be seen sipping on something a little more refined than seltzer.

Options for something like alcohol, but not alcohol, have traditionally been pretty limited. Usually, your options are mocktails loaded with sugary fruit juices, that can make you feel like your back David Hurwitz’s Bar Mitzvah, or a sad and disappointing low alcohol beer. 

Pappy Van Winkle 15-year-old bourbon is highly sought after by whiskey enthusiasts for its rich and complex flavors.

Thankfully, the times they are a changin! These days you can sip and savour while you party and still be abv to get up for that 5:30am call feeling fresh as the beautiful daisy you are.

Here is our low down on some of the most exciting drinks to take the bar scene by storm this year. 


Sometimes only a stiff drink will do! Make yourself feel a little like a 50’s marketing executive by sipping soulfully on a Feragaia Non-Alcoholic Spirit, on the rocks of course. This Spirit has the look and feel of Whisky, making it a perfect option to drink on its own or as part of some of your favorite whisky-based cocktails. Reviews say that it has an almost medicinal taste to it which, frankly, just makes it sound even more intriguing!

If the classic G&T is your go-to then you won’t want to miss Ceder’s Pink Rose Non-Alcoholic Spirit. Mix it with tonic and you can hardly taste the difference between this and the strong stuff. It’s also sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan and at only 2 calories per 50ml serving you can enjoy it all night long. 


While Hard cider has been a firm favorite in the UK for quite some time now, it is relatively new to the American bar scene. If you like the refreshing taste of cider but could do without the often quite high alcohol content try Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Pear Cider. Have it with ice for a crisp and refreshing drink on a summer’s afternoon. For a wintery twist let it get slightly warmer and maybe even add a little cinnamon to it.


Sometimes only a beer will do and for those occasions, we have you covered with the newest brew from Tennents. This low-calorie beer has zero alcohol and just 17 calories per 100ml, making it one of the lighter options on this list. If you’ve worked in Edinburgh or Glasgow then you’ll definitely have come across this local favourite. Brewed from local barley and highland water there’s every chance you’ll never go back to alcoholic beer.


If your go-to drink has been a nice bottle of red or sparkly glass of prosecco, you’ll be excited to hear that there are more options out there than Welch’s grape juice or Shloer to fill your glass with.

One of my favorites has to be Fortnum’s new rose sparkling tea. Yes, you heard that right, a sparkling tea that happily fills the void left by prossecco with a dash of Chambord. I love the dryness of this particular drink along with the delicate but complex flavor it gives off. This all-organic mix gives you the tiniest bit of caffeine thanks to its use of green, white and black tea. Not enough to keep you up once you hit the hay, but just enough to keep you on the dance floor.