Pennsylvania is the ultimate road trip destination. It’s one of the hidden gems of the East Coast. With incredible history, architecture, and great food, there’s really something for everyone here.

If you’ve never been, it can be hard to know what to see. Even locals don’t take advantage of everything that this state has to offer.

To help you start planning your trip, here are the highlights of Pennsylvania.

1. Independence Hall

Everyone’s heard of the Declaration of Independence.

You’ve probably heard of a little thing called the Constitution as well. Both were signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The building where the signings took place is now called Independence Hall because. Not much has changed since the founding fathers were there.

It’s also possible to see the famous Liberty Bell here. There are tours every single day, and they don’t fill up too quickly.

For the summer holidays, it’s the perfect destination. It tends to get busy around the Fourth of July. But there’s no better place to celebrate American independence than here.

The state also has lots of other historical sites that are worth visiting.

2. The Countryside

There’s more to Pennsylvania than big cities.

The countryside here is perfect for a road trip, and there’s a lot to see. There’s even a small thriving cannabis industry in Pennsylvania.

A trip to Pennsylvania is much more affordable than to Colorado or Washington for cannabis tourism. However, recreational use has not been fully legalized in the state yet.

Most cities have decriminalized recreational use in small amounts. That’s not the case in smaller cities and towns. Use with caution and responsibly.

You should always purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary. Otherwise you have no way of guaranteeing that the product is clean and of good quality.

There’s also a small wine industry in Pennsylvania. If you want to visit a small family-run winery that’s also a bed and breakfast, Pennsylvania is the place to go. It’s not overrun with tourists, either.

Wine makes for a great souvenir. So do Amish products.

Pennsylvania is home to one of the country’s largest Amish communities. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another century here.

If you want a digital detox, Amish country is the place to go. It’ll be a trip that you won’t forget.

3. Gettysburg

For Civil War history buffs, Pennsylvania is famous.

You probably had to memorize the Gettysburg address in history. Maybe you even still remember some of it.

On the battlefield at Gettysburg, you’ll see lots of people trying to see how much they can remember. Give it a shot and join in the fun.

Or learn a bit about history by watching a battle reenactment. There’s no better place to learn about the Civil War than Gettysburg.

The town is also worth a visit. It’s small, but there are several souvenir shops and good restaurants and cafes.

Go during the week to avoid the crowds on the weekend.

4. Philly

There’s more to Philadelphia than Independence Hall.

The city is full of interesting sights and is home to the famous cheese steak. There’s a thriving foodie scene here.

Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Philadelphia to get you started. Once you’ve tasted a cheese steak here, you won’t eat one anywhere else.

See if you could take a cooking class to learn from the experts. That way you can take back a skill as well as a souvenir or two.

It’s also worth taking a walking tour to see the city on foot.

5. Fallingwater

For architecture fans, Fallingwater is usually at the top of the list.

This house, also known as the Frank Lloyd Wright House, was once privately owned. It is the famous architect’s masterpiece.

The house is now a museum. There are daily tours. You can learn a lot about the architect and his influence on architecture worldwide.

Since the house is in the woods, it’s a bit hard to get to. But it’s worth the drive. It’s the only way to really appreciate his work.


If Pennsylvania isn’t on your destination list, it should be. Visiting these sites will make for an unforgettable road trip.