By Simi A Mira


Ease yourself into the working week with a nude. Lipstick, that is. Chic and understated, the nude lip reflects the Monday morning feels while still keeping you looking fresh. A great pick for this kick-off colour is MAC’s iconic nude. Not only did this shade make MAC famous, it will keep you looking fabulous – so it should be a staple in your makeup bag! best lipstick


Bourjous are known for their innovative and very French-themed lipsticks (and makeup collections in general). Tuesdays choice is their Shine Edition lipstick in shade “Oh My Doll”. Which means a subtle baby pink, to you and I. This really encapsulates what Tuesday is all about – brightening up the day with some shimmery shades and throwing out those “carpe diem” feels to those around you. Dependant on your style, you can go all out baby pink, or just glaze your lips with it for some eye-catching lipstick


Peak of the week needs to be celebrated with something special. Something like L’Oreal’s Red Passion Lipstick. Applied perfectly, this stand-out colour will be flawless for daytime meetings or lunches and be able to transition nicely into evening for relaxing drinks after work. You’ll feel luxurious and pampered as these lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E – which will leave you feeling less guilty should those hump day drinks leave you sleeping in your lipstick


To contrast Wednesdays stand-out look of passion red, lets fall back on some trusty nudes again. This time to mix it up, the lipstick of choice is Bobbi Brown in Nude. This is a subtle change from Mondays nude, as it is more of a mocha colour. This gives your lips a darker, more smouldering nude than previous, and as we all know – a nude never fails to turn lipstick


What better way to finish of a hectic week than with some cherry red lips? Technically not a lipstick, but still no less chic, Friday should be the day to adorn your lips with some liner. Either fill your lips in with the pencil itself, or combine with your favourite red lipstick – however comfortable you lipstick


If you’re hitting the town, you’re going to want to be there with your finger on the fashion button. All over the catwalks and plastered across the high-end magazines is the very chic and stunning berry lipstick. It takes a brave woman to really apply this to its full potential, but the risk always pays off with some beautifully sculpted, attention grabbing lips. This colour really will give you Saturday feels, and make you look amazing at the same time. Charlotte Tilbury is the lipstick of choice, and the uber cute Estee Lauder like packaging will not look out of place in your lipstick


Ah, Sunday. The day of rest – or kicking back in your PJ’s, eating junk and watching trash TV and childhood movies. Debatable as to whether you’re leaving the house, Sundays lip adornment of choice is a tinted lip balm. Giving your lips the TLC they need, whilst still gracing your lips with the colour they deserve, this balm can be used whether you leave the house or not. Like a face mask for your mouth, this balm will leave your lips soft and nourished, ready to begin again on lipstick