Planning to head out to sea for your next holiday? Make every day exhilarating by incorporating these boating activities for thrill-seekers into your itinerary.

Children and adults alike will love the rush of being pulled along behind the boat in an inflatable, and testing both balance and nerve with the likes of wakeboarding, water-skiing and rapid running. Slower-paced activities such as snorkelling can also be thrilling, instilling joy and wonder.

If you are chartering a boat, check which activities will be available during your trip and make sure that there are necessary safety measures in place. Those using their own vessel could consider suitable cover such as motorboat insurance or yacht insurance, as well as investing in the necessary protective gear and equipment.

1. Towed buoy

Seeking thrills but also relaxation? The towed buoy is the best boating activity for you.

Sit back in an inflatable dinghy and let the boat driver do all the work. As you gain momentum, you’ll be pulled along faster and faster and might even have moments of flying through the air!

2. Wakeboarding

In contrast, wakeboarding is one of the world’s most extreme sports and is far from relaxing!

This combination of surfing and water skiing involves standing upright on a board while holding onto a rope connected to the back of a motorboat. It can take a while to get the hang of balancing and maintaining your grip as you bump over the waves, but you will be hooked once you’ve mastered it.

It is the extraordinary speeds you can reach that make wakeboarding such an addictive activity. However, first-timers are advised to take it fairly slow!

3. Kayaking

One of the joys of sailing is discovering quiet corners of the coastline. These peaceful coves away from the crowds are the perfect place to try kayaking.

Kayaks are one or two-person vessels powered purely by oar strokes. Their lightweight design allows you to experiment with a range of fun tricks while on the water, such as loops and spins and the safety manoeuvre capsizing.  

You can also use kayaks for a more restful experience of independent exploration away from the boat.

4. Snorkelling

Do you prefer to be in the sea rather than on the water? Snorkelling is worth a try during your holiday because it is suitable for younger children as well as adults.

Snorkels are comprised of goggles and a mouthpiece connected to a tube that stands tall above the water. This allows you to stay submerged for long periods without needing to come up for air.

Research the best spots for snorkelling in your destination before you depart for your trip. This is likely to include mesmerising coral reefs with an abundance of marine creatures.