By Sydney Yeager | @dressedcodes

Collaborations are all the rage. As Olympic silver medalist Emma Weyant prepares for her next season at the upcoming Summer Olympics, she’s launched a collaboration, Sporti x Emma Weyant with Sporti swimwear. By partnering together, the suits are not only sleek and stylish but also a great option when it comes to working out in swimwear. Because if anyone gets the hatred of constantly tugging up a swimsuit so it stays put, Emma would. 

The new swim line features patterns that are perfect for spring and summer. Using Taylor Swift and other influential women as inspiration for the prints of her line, many contain enchanting floral patterns and soft, feminine colors to remind us of that feeling of taking a dip in the pool during a hot day and emerging refreshed. 

As Emma shared, “I wanted this (collection) to represent always believing in yourself. It’s always been a dream to be an Olympian since I was a little girl, but then progressing through the stages, that dream really turned into more of a goal. And with the support of my family and teammates, I realized that this dream could be real. And now to have my own swim collection? It’s a dream come true.”

This collection shows the capability of women to be both powerful and feminine. Speedy and stunning. If you head to shop the collection, or any swimsuits, consider the advice below when it comes to finding a swimsuit to get some laps in–and a tan! 

Is the material durable? 

Plenty of swimsuits on the market can be made of thinner material and this is ideal for sun tanning, but not when you’re planning to swim. Stretch the suit slightly and see how much give there is, the answer for how much give you want? Not much! Less stretch is ideal because while you want a little, too much will cause your swimsuit to slide all over the place. 

How strong are the straps? 

Itsy-bitsy bikinis are cute and all, but if you’re planning to do a workout, the last thing you want is for your straps to break. Look and see how thick they are, this is usually a good way to figure out if they’ll stay put. 

How are the bottoms designed to stay on? 

If you get a bikini, make sure the elastic around the bottom is secure and the straps are fairly thick. Or even better, there’s a drawstring!

How is your range of motion? 

Since you’re planning to swim around a bit, consider the size of the armholes and how comfortable you will be doing different strokes. 

Other things that are helpful: 

  • Fast drying 
  • Sun protection 
  • Less details=less dragging through the water 

The Sporti x Emma Weyant Collection ranges from $4.95 – $59.95 and is available in competitive swim sizing 22Y – 40 (accommodating approximately sizes Youth 6/7 to Adult XL), sold exclusively at