By Simi Afroza Mira

In our day and age, supermodels are regarded just as highly as A-list actresses and famous singers. While many will have modeling careers in their life, very, very few will achieve the level of superstardom that goes along with the coveted title – Supermodel. These fascinating, beautiful women also easily manage to grab boyfriends and husbands that carry just as much clout with their name as their supermodel counterpart. There are several couples – and ex-couples – that make a dazzling pair.

Heidi Klum and Seal

Though the couple eventually split in late 2014, they were married for years and even had 4 children together. Everyone on the planet who doesn’t live under a rock knows who Heidi Klum is – a supermodel who even modeled the runways for Victoria’s Secret, and later became known for hosting the reality TV hit “Project Runway.” Seal is well-known for his music and the impact he made in the industry, and for battling a severe form of Lupus that left facial scarring. Both of these major celebrities were total bosses in their respective industries and it seems they wanted a partner that held just as much fame as they did, too.

supermodels and super famous partners

Giselle Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio

Ms. Giselle, a Victoria’s Secret Angel and household name, dated the world-famous Leonardo DiCaprio for five years. It didn’t work out though, so we now go to:

Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady

Giselle called it quits with perhaps one of the most famous and influential actors in the world – Leonardo DiCaprio – and then snagged Tom Brady, a famous American quarterback, who plays for the New England Patriots. Its clear this Brazilian bombshell knows she can snag any man she wants – and absolutely does.

supermodels and super famous partners

Though these are only just a few example of supermodels and the men they choose, it is clear that supermodels can not only attract the most famous, rich, powerful, and handsome of men, but that they are just as worthy themselves, and have as much, if not more, celebrity than their handsome man-candy. While it doesn’t necessarily seem apparent that famous supermodels go for men with the same look, it does seem pretty clear they are attracted to men as powerful and prestigious in their own industries as the supermodel herself.

I was never a supermodel, but I suppose I was a successful enough model back in the day, and the man I snagged and TOTALLY LOVE – okay he’s not famous – but he’s super adorable. Think 3 day stubble, geek chic frames, and perfect blue eyes kind of adorable. Also, he treats me like I am his world, which is just how myself and every woman – supermodel or not – deserves to be regarded by her main man.