By Michele Smith
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Do models live like everyone else or do they live in the lap of luxury? While most supermodels fly under the radar and do not give you the skinny on what is really in their bedside end table, there are a couple of pretty spectacular homes and some you can even rent …. that is, if one can afford the price tag that comes along with it. These envy worthy abodes come complete with amenities and locations that are simply vacation worthy.

Christy Brinkley – Parrot Bay, Turks and Caicos

This former supermodel owns a stunning 3-bedroom villa located on Rocky Point in Parrot Bay, Turks and Caicos. If you can afford the expensive price tag ($4500 per night and this is the off season price), vacationers can rent out the villa when Christy is not at home. The rooms also rent out additionally as well if you do not want to rent out the whole villa. The villa offers breathtaking views and guests can enjoy lounging by an infinity pool. Dreamy nets add to bedroom romance; guests have access to luxurious bathrooms with even an outdoor shower.21516 Christy Brinkly Home

Cindy Crawford – Ontario, Canada

Cindy’s private island getaway is nothing except absolutely stunning and offers ultimate privacy with lake front views. While this home is not available for the public to rent, the home has a cabin feel with a rustic edginess, combined with yet a contemporary cabin feel. Lakeside amenities include kayaking, swimming, boating and even airline access via an onsite dock. The home is simply quite charming while luxurious at the same time. Cindy also owns a beachfront home on stilts in Malibu located off of the Pacific Coast Highway.


Elle MacPherson – Cotswold, West England

Elle owns a holiday lake side home in Cotswold, a stunning area located west of England. While very similar to Cindy’s home, Elle’s vacation home is also very stunning and is similar to a cabin with a contemporary feel. The home comes complete with a practical word burning fireplace in the living room. The master bath is filled with simple mirrors reflecting beautiful blue tiles complete with lake side views – a perfect location to enjoy an evening soak and a glass of wine. Her bedroom has floor to ceiling glass windows showcasing a panoramic view of the lake; while the deck off of the bedroom is furnished with a daybed for relaxing during the day. The sitting room has a glamourous touch with dark walls and contemporary furniture.

elle mcpherson home
ellle mchperson home

Gisele Bundchen – Brentwood, California

Gisele and Tom Brady’s eco-friendly 20M mansion graced the 2013 October issue of Architectural Digest. While the married couple spared no expense with the design of the home, their focus was on creating a sanctuary for their large family and designing a home that is as eco-friendly as humanly possible. Gisele’s goal was comfort and creating a space where you can kick back on the couch and relax. The mansion is stylish and is very sustainable with solar panels, a grey water recycling system and composting.

gisele home
gisele mansion