By Brandis Ohlsson

Recently, Scandinavian brand Lindex, which is basically a European H&M, tapped Christy Turlington, Liya Kebede, and Toni Garrn to front their #SuperRoleModel campaign. All three models are working philanthropists, and each of the models chose a charity that they work with to receive a percentage if the proceeds from the sale of tee shirts emblazed with #Super Role Model across the front.

Lindex has said, “We chose to work with Christy, Liya and Toni as Super Role Models because we believe that the spirit they convey and the example they set will inspire our customers to consider the meaning of beauty—not only on the outside but the inside too.”

I’m trying really hard to have an opinion about this, but if I am being totally honest, it’s just boring me. The most exciting thing about this #SuperRoleModel campaign is the catchy pun (good one guys!) Lindex’s marketing team came up with. The whole thing screams gimmick.

Don’t get me wrong- I am all about philanthropy. How many of us wouldn’t love to have the time and financial resources to volunteer helping others? What these women are doing is amazing, but lets get honest for a split second here; these models have all made millions of dollars because they’re pretty. Those millions of dollars sat in their bank accounts makes it much easier for them, than it would for say, an average suburban woman, to travel the world working for free for the betterment of mankind.

So while I would love to sit back and consider their spirit, and the meaning of beauty, do you know what would really impress me? A campaign that would shine light on the volunteer warriors who don’t have bodyguards protecting them when they’re in the trenches doing good. The women who spend their rare moments of free time they have between working and caring for their families to help others. Don’t these women deserve some recognition, maybe even more than the supermodels do? I think so. That, would get me to buy a tee shirt.