Whether you’re headed to The Hamptons, The French Riviera or going on a road trip – these are the must have labels to pack in your luggage. From swimwear and accessories, throw overs and cute tops – these are are favourite designers carrying us into summer.

For Love & Lemons

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The new range features all their classic cuts in an array of colours. Once again nailing the new summer look by fusing it’s iconic femininity with tailored structure. Absolutely loving all the pieces hugging the waist; from corsets, wrap around designs and fitted jumpsuits – we’re throwing everything in our suitcase!

MLM Label

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Eyeing these off for our special nights out, the new season MLM is the perfect label to take you off the beach and straight into the bar. Simple in its objective, you’ll find highly curated elements woven into its design so as to make sure you stand out. From ruffled sleeves on simplistic white dresses and flowing chiffon fabrics draping on the body, they’re all must have items on our list!

Style Addict

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The simple, staple items every woman needs to finish off an outfit can be found right here. Along with bodysuits, jewellery, accessories and more, these pieces are the basic elements of any wardrobe.

Sir The Label

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Can never go wrong with these guys. Perfect for mix and matching with other wardrobe staples. Pairing them back with sandals and singlets or dressing them up with earrings and heels, Sir items are effortlessly cool and chic. They’re our go-to for a cocktail event on a hot summers night.

Zulu & Zephyr

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The most amazing fresh prints and cuts to compliment every body shape. Never one to disappoint, this season was produced in conjunction with AMFAMily member Lara Worthington (previously Bingle) and we can’t stop filling our carts! The natural colour ways and classic cuts have got us hooked and ready for The Hamptons!


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The Australian cult label not to be missed. Stand out from a crowd in the mesmerising prints and always look tanned. This season though, it’s not all about the swimwear, we’re seeing a lot more of their cute tops, wrap around skirts and throw over dresses take centre stage and we’re not mad at all!

Sofia The Label

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Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 3.22.03 PM

Summer night disco at the ready! These one of kind killer pieces will be the envy of all your friends. Only recently making a name for themselves, we are every bit obsessed – their new season is on pre-order now!