By Simi A Mira

Wanderlust needn’t get in the way of you looking fantastic at all times – no matter where you go or what culture you’re adapting to, here’s some advice to keeping you looking chic.


Let’s begin with the good ‘ole US of A. You can live the American dream in some Calvin Klein jeans or opt for something more preppy to pay homage to their culture. Being the land of the free, pretty much anything goes here. From California’s cool t-shirt and jeans to New York’s designer dresses and heels vibes, let America ease you in with its free pass to look cool without having to compromise on personal style.


Moving across to Japan, you can exhilarate yourself with their often provocative fashion choices. Taken mainstream in pop culture (most notably by Gwen Stefani), the Japanese style has become international and influential. You may think that Kimonos are the height of fashion in Japan, but Tokyo boasts a wide array of attention grabbing fashions – from the Lolita look that is sure to cause a stir, or their more modern taken on the Western punk – Japan is somewhere you can let your inhibitions go and opt for more daring attire.


Packing your bag to head to Dubai will mean you should leave your Japanese-influenced apparel hanging in the wardrobe. Although much more lenient than many people still believe, Dubai is still a Muslim country therefore some Western styles are a big no-no. As many of the signs around the malls here will tell you – keep skirts / shorts knee length or longer, and generally just keep the beachwear for the beach. Daytime strolls should mean cute sundresses with decent length and a light cover up should it take a turn for the chilly. Sandals or airy flats will complete a suitably chic look.


Making your way to Italy, sunglasses in tow, elegance and class is exuded by the very mention of the country – and so your style should follow suit. Dresses and heels for evening meals and drinks, countered with a more laid-back comfortable style for daytime tourism – sandals, plimsolls or canvas shoes are all apt. As a practical and stylish accompaniment to any outfit, straw hats or fedoras are a trendy way to avoid skin damaging rays whilst still looking fashionable.


Preparing for a place like Thailand, it would be easy to think that their take on fashion would be pretty lenient and perhaps borderline provocative. However, Thailand, irrespective of the heat is still a pretty modest country. You can still let your hair down here, as the style is very laid back and casual – ensure a light, cotton vest is worn before returning from the pool to the bar and your service will not be from a disrespected barman. When wandering around temples, it’s wise to opt for light trousers or knee length dresses or skirts. Slip on pumps or some canvas shoes are best for these activities as many temples require all visitors to be barefoot.

Travelling to dream locations shouldn’t affect your style negatively – it may require some slight adaptations but the key to being fashion forward is to embrace change and adapt to it – get your freaky side on in Tokyo and embrace the culture of Dubai in an elegant sundress. Whatever you do, do it looking amazing.