Dressing styles keep changing even as more fashions are discovered and arrive on the market. If there is any dynamic industry, then it is the clothing industry.

According to research done by most clothing manufacturing industries in France, about 80% of the people in the country purchase designer clothes in big supermarkets and malls. With such, most people prefer matching their shoes and bags as that is the trendiest style of dressing. But the question is, how do you do it? Below is how to mix and match your shoes and bags when purchasing san-marina brands.

1. Match primary colors and patterns

The best way to match your shoes and bags is to check the primary colors. You can try to make it to be a pattern. For example, if you are putting on a pair of black heels, you should choose a black bag too so that they form a pattern of mix and match.

2. Make sure the materials match

Mixing and matching your shoes and bags is not about matching the colors but the material. Different materials can spoil your match, even if they are of different colors.

When you have decided to wear leather shoes, ensure you match them with leather bags too. Brands from san-marina.com have different materials for both bags and shoes. The materials are also durable, so you don’t need to worry about their quality.

3. Match understated with overstated

When matching your shoes and bags, you always want to make them as attractive as possible. You need to ensure they don’t clash. If you have chosen an overstated bag, ensure you match it with understated shoes to ensure they give you the best outfit you were looking for. On the other hand, if you have chosen an understated bag, match it with overstated shoes. Too many statements can make your outfit messy and uncoordinated.

4. Color-code your outfit with neutral tones

Another thing to ensure your bag and shoes match well, stick to one color pallet for your whole look. Ensure you choose neutral and deem colors if you have chosen to go with the same color. With that, you don’t need to choose too bright colors, which may be too messy and unattractive.

5. Avoid different patterns

When matching your clothes and shoes, ensure you use one pattern throughout. Using different patterns can turn out to be messy sometimes. Ensure your shoes and bag form a single pattern by partnering a block color. Avoid using two or more examples of the same pattern.

6. Don’t forget the occasion

The first thing to know when dressing is the occasion you are going for. Every event has its dressing codes that match them. Some shoes and clothes can appear odd on certain occasions, even if they form a perfect match. For example, you cannot dress like someone going out on a date when you are going for an important official event. That would be awkward.

Know the occasion you want to attend, the kind of dressing codes accepted, and give it a perfect match. If you are going for an official event, match your shoes and bags to become an official dressing code.

7. Never mix seasons

Every season has clothes that match them. Even if you try to give it the best look, mixing clothes meant for different seasons would appear awkward. The rules for seasonal wear do not only apply to only clothes but also shoes. Never use shoes and bags intended for winter for summer and vice versa. If it is the winter season, stick to winter bags and shoes without mixing.

The dressing is not just about wearing clothes but giving them the best pattern. That makes it a challenging task for both men and women. If you plan to mix and match your bags and shoes, try the tips mentioned above to give you an impressive result.