By Simi A Mira

Fashion Models have been given a lot of flak lately about how they look – “She’s too skinny!” or “Wow, she put on a few pounds” – but let’s face it, models are beautiful beings that get paid for us to gawk. These beautiful ladies have honed their art and become pieces of art that showcase fashion and style. Each model has a trait that’s their signature, so what if we stitched together each of these perfect pieces to make the perfect model?

Kate Moss has always embraced the wind-swept beachy look that many women pine over. Her style is effortless and often looks accidentally glamourous, which is incredibly sexy!

The best eyebrows, hands down, belong to Cara Delevigne. Her brows are thick yet shaped, strong, and frame her face perfectly. These brows have inspired women across the world to put down the tweezers and embrace their natural arch.

Adriana Lima, a Brazilian model most well-known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, has piercing blue eyes that are almost always accentuated with a smoky eye and full lashes.

Sophia Loren’s plump pout is timelessly perfect. The Italian actress took Hollywood by storm in the 1950’s and became a femme fatale around the world.

Miranda Kerr, an Australian model and actress, has been featured in campaigns for Dior, Chanel, Viktor & Rolf, as well as Victoria’s Secret. Her innocent smile and cute dimples highlight her lightheartedness and good humour.

Have you ever watched Mad Men? Christina Hendricks as Joan in the AMC show caused nations to swoon as her 1960’s style dress drew attention to her milky white and quite ample décolletage.

Bust: Kate
Upton has the classic ‘girl next door’ look but with a bust that has caused heartbreak across the world. Enough said!

Kim Kardashian has the best ass in the business, and we all know that. After her ‘Break the Internet’ stunt, the entire world was up close and personal with the derriere that made her famous.

Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen has walked the runway for nearly 15 years, and with good reason: her gams and subsequent signature walk are long, luxurious, and classically gorgeous.

Former plus-size model Crystal Renn has brains that are unmatched in the fashion industry. Renn wrote a best-selling book, Hungry, which detailed her struggle with eating disorders and existing in the industry healthfully.

Signature Style:
English model Rosie Huntington-Whitely posts snaps of her personal signature style on social media often, and it’s easy to see that fashion comes naturally to her. Unafraid to show a face free of makeup, her breezy boho style is one that is easy to emulate but seriously stylish.

With the above traits, this supermodel would be so beautiful that she could even cause Karl Lagerfeld to swoon! Of course, there are plenty of models that could be chosen from, but these are just some of the existing pieces that I feel could shape the absolutely perfect, ethereally gorgeous model.