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Do you want to get off the grid? As we move into the era of renewable energy, plenty of people are installing solar panels to make that dream come true. 

Going solar has plenty of benefits, both for the environment and for you, but those benefits are only realized if you put the panels up.

Have you been contemplating going full force with solar power? Are you still on the fence about it? If so, you might wonder where to find the most solar panel installations.

Well, you’re in luck! Below, we’ve included a guide to the states with the highest solar power installations. Keep reading below to learn more!


California is the leading state in the U.S. for solar panel installations. The estimated 4,000 to 6,500 gigawatts of installed solar capacity. California accounts for over a quarter of the total U.S. photovoltaic installations.

The state’s commitment to clean energy sources, such as solar and wind power, has helped to make it an industry leader. They have been dedicated to supporting the solar industry. They introduced incentive programs such as the Solar Energy Systems and Tax Credit.

California has the world’s largest solar farm, the Topaz Solar Farm. There is a sunny climate, diverse topography, and a large trial population. California is well-positioned to provide more solar-generated energy than any other state.

California has also taken steps to increase solar panel installation throughout the state. This is called the “California Solar Initiative” program. It simplifies the permit process for solar panel installations.

This approach has allowed California to increase its solar panel installations over the past few years. Industry experts believe that the state could reach 10,000 gigawatts soon.


Arizona is one of the states with the most solar panel installations. The state has the country’s second-most solar panel installations after California.

More projects are being built throughout Arizona each year. Increasing the number of solar panels being installed in the state. 

Arizona’s photovoltaic production is now number two in the U.S., up from last year when it ranked 7th in the nation. There are many reasons for this, such as state access to sunshine and investments in solar equipment.

The state has some of the best solar radiation in the country. This allows it to take advantage of its enormous solar potential very efficiently. The state’s utilities are also some of the most forward-thinking about solar energy and contribute to the state’s successes in this field.

Arizona is a great example of how solar energy can benefit the environment and the public.

North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the states with the most solar panel installations in the United States. NC is ranked 4th by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) with 9,490 MW of accumulative solar capacity.

This number has increased yearly due to the state’s incentives for renewable energy and solar financing programs. North Carolina is home to several large-scale solar projects throughout the state. These include the Clay Hill facility in Brunswick County, which produces 275 megawatts of solar power yearly.

They established a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, setting a target of up to 12.5% renewable energy. This has allowed North Carolina to emerge as a leader in deploying solar energy, leading the South in solar panel installations.


Indiana has seen some impressive growth in solar panel installations in recent years. Indiana’s solar story is driven by its utilities, which install large-scale projects. Most solar installations are in the northern part of the state, particularly in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties.

Many of Indiana’s installed projects have been funded by companies that have adopted solar energy as part of their sustainability goals. This resource reports the state has ambitious plans to speed up solar power deployment.

This expands access to solar electricity for Indiana’s households, businesses, and public entities. With the right policies, Indiana has the potential to become one of the leading states using solar energy in future generations.


Hawaii is a powerhouse for solar panel installations in the United States. Leading the way in solar production and total solar panel capacity. With an impressive 3,847 MW of solar power capacity installed and increasing, Hawaii is one of the top states for solar panel installations.

Hawaii is among the best places in the US to go solar due to its solar solid incentives and high electric rates. This has enabled the state to become a solar powerhouse with one of the highest rates in the US of total solar panel capacity per person.

New Jersey

New Jersey has the most solar panel installations in the U.S. It has made remarkable strides in solar energy use, particularly in the past decade. It was estimated that 1 in 4 homes in New Jersey used a solar system to meet some or all of the family’s energy needs. This makes the state one of the nation’s leading solar users.

The state provides generous incentives to promote solar power, such as net metering and a tax rebate. New Jersey has a renewable portfolio standard, calling for over half of the electricity in the state to come from renewable sources.

This flexibility in electricity and support for alternative energy sources have provided an attractive environment for solar panel installers. As a result, New Jersey continues to be one of the leading states for solar panel installations in the U.S.


Massachusetts has the most solar panel installations near the top of the states. The state has made renewable energy a priority in recent years, leading to a dramatic surge in the number of solar energy installations. There are various incentives for businesses and residents to install solar panels.

The state recently passed a law requiring it to source at least 25% of its electricity from solar power. This has helped push Massachusetts past other leading states, such as California and Hawaii. It will likely remain the top-ranking state for solar panel installations in the near future.

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The growth of solar power in the U.S. is undeniable, particularly in the leading solar states. California, Arizona, and North Carolina are among the states at the forefront of this renewable energy revolution. This means more homes, businesses, and communities are powered by clean energy.

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