If you are interested in knowing more about Indian clothing & tradition, you are in the right place! India has a long history when it comes to fashion. Their designs are dated as far back as 2800 BC, which is like, over 10000 years ago. Their fashion has influenced thousands of ethnic groups across the world. This is no surprise because India is in fact known for its diversity. 

If you are planning to visit India and dress like the locals, here are the Indian clothing staples that make up an Indian wardrobe.


The Dhoti is similar to the modern harem style pants. It is an outfit that was originally designed for Indian men. The cloth worn is made by carefully wrapping, and knotting a length of the fabric around the waist, and then passing the end between their legs. It ends up coming out as a loosely fitting trouser. Today though, both men and women wear the Dhoti. The modern ones save you the time of wrapping it around because they have already been assembled and stitched together. You can wear it like western style pants.


The Kurta-Pajama is another of the men’s clothing in India. Even though, women today wear this style of clothing. The long-sleeved tunic is called Kurta and it is usually loose-fitting. The Kurta reaches the knee length, and its sleeves don’t have cuffs.  It also doesn’t have collars but has a central split in the neckline with open side seams. The second part of the dress is the loose-fitting trousers called pajamas. That’s why it’s called Kurta-Pajama because they are worn together. It is a fashion statement among the younger folks today.


This style of clothing is very similar to jackets. The Sherwani and Achkan are a favorite in men’s clothing, but they are quite different from each other. Sherwani looks more formal than the other. It is made from thick silk brocade or wool material. The collar design is just like the Nehru-type collar but wot a slim-fit straight cut. The jacket is long and falls below the knee. The Achkan-style jackets, on the other hand, is made out of lightweight silk or cotton fabric. It doesn’t always have the glamorous adornments you will find in a Sherwani. The collar is also very different,  it has an open kurta-style collar. It is also different in length when compared to the Sherwani, the Achkan is shorter and is more flared from the waist.

Lehenga Choli

Although there are many styles of shirts and blouses in India for women, one very distinct design is the lehenga choli. It is a paired outfit that is very popular in the country. The lehenga is a long flared skirt. It usually comes in pattern design or embroidery. The choli is the matching blouse to go with the skirt and is tightly fitted. This outfit is common in most Indian weddings and is also worn during special occasions.


The sari is one of the most popular Indian clothing for women. Anybody can wear them, and it is usually loose-fitting. You can choose to wear a simple style or a more unique design. It has different variants, and you can find a great selection of them here:  https://www.nihalfashions.com/. The cloth is made by draping the length of the fabric over and around the wearer. There are over a hundred different ways to wrap a sari. It can be worn over a blouse, skirt, petticoat, or even alone. This garment can be worn with the end tucked in front of the waistband, or you can use it to cover your head. 

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