How were you discovered?

I was 14 years old and at that time I was the biggest loser in my school  because I was super skinny, so when an agent approached me on the street and asked me if I want to try modeling I thought somebody was joking with me, I never imagined anything of myself.

What are your hobbies?

Books…! I’m obsessed with books and i have A LOT (let me know if you want to borrow some). Although its necessary for me to work out… I actually really enjoy boxing and it is a lot of fun. I may be skinny but don’t underestimate me!

Favourite book?Sofija Milosevic

Dostoyevski Idiot

So I know you shot with patrick Demarchelier.. how was it like working with him?

I was very honoured to work with such an amazing photographer. He is so good and he has the exact vision of how the image is gonna look like. It was a great experience for me.

Whats something about yourself that might surprise people?

I’m very spontaneous! I can surprise you with some really crazy things when you least expect it.

Your dream job besides modelling?

I always thought being a scientist is very cool. Or a curator of the museum. Or an astronaut. Nothing beats an astronaut.

Whats your guilty pleasure?

French fries, pizza and most important chocolate soufflé.


Photographer: Max Papendieck

Instagram: @sofimilo, @maxmoments

Sofija Milosevic

Sofija Milosevic

Sofija Milosevic