By Gabby Neal

With youthful looking skin on everyone’s wish list, it’s no wonder skin needling rejuvenation, or ‘needling’ as it’s typically known as, has become the latest procedure favored by most. A method by which your skin is penetrated by tiny little needles in the effort to stimulate skin cell turn over and promote collagen production. You’ll find yourself looking much softer and smoother after almost one treatment.

Amazing for decreasing pores and improving skin texture, it works to soften and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. So basically, it’s a great addition to boost any skincare regime for that (relatively inexpensive) added benefit.

Sure it might seem a little scary – a whole bunch of needles puncturing your skin (approximately 1,300 micro punctures per second if I’m correct) but it’s really not that bad…I’ve actually been road testing this treatment at Face Plus Medi Spa in Bondi, Sydney, and because they use a Dermapen (which vibrates simultaneously) by the time you actually feel it against your skin, the therapist has already moved onto another area. So it’s like a delayed onset, with the idea behind it being that your body can’t feel pain through the vibrations – genius.

When you think about it, it’s a pretty basic concept; with the needles penetrating the skin surface, it hastens the skin cell turn over. So what should typically take 28 days to come round, will take a week. This does however, depend how deep you go into the skin. For basic treatments, usually 0.5-1mm but you can go as deep as 2mm to further work the skin cells. Generally used to reduce scars specifically.

During a session, which usually takes just under an hour, the therapist will cleanse your skin (with some pretty amazing products of course) and then sterilise it before gently sweeping vibrations over the target areas.

Although not heat based, because of the trauma to the skin surface and resulting increased blood flow to the area, you’ll start to feel quite hot. Not unbearable, but very similar to a sunburn where you will start to feel that tightness as well. But this is a good thing – it means the blood is circulating and the skin cells are starting to repair themselves. Making you look younger by the second.

And, not only that, but because you’ve penetrated the skin and opened up a whole bunch of pores; whatever products you use after the fact will be absorbed extremely well. So after the procedure, when your therapist treats you to an amazing hydrating mask (which helps with the inflammatory response) cooling the surface area, you can guarantee it’s going to work.

The redness and tightness of the face will fade over the following 12-24hrs, however at Face Plus Medi Spa, the therapist will stroke your face with an ice cold wand on top of the hydrating mask, to help the inflammatory response a little further and cool down the skin.

Post procedure, you’re not recommended to go into the sun for at least another 24hrs, wear makeup or touch/rub the treated areas. With your pores being so exposed you don’t want anything to come into contact that will cause any nasty damage.

Personally, I’ve only had this done twice, but have already started to notice the difference in size of my pores and an overall smoothness. They say you’ll notice results within 6 weeks or so, for more prominent long lasting effects you’ll see over the following 6-12 months.