Beauty and fashion aren’t just about looking your best. They’re about giving you the confidence to feel good in your own skin.

When you look good, you feel good, so it’s important that you work to look more attractive every day. Read on to learn some ways that you can stay hot, hot, hot in 2023 and beyond.

1. Take Care of Your Smile

Basic hygiene’s important for anyone, especially people who are trying to look attractive. Yellow teeth are one of those things that can ruin an overall gorgeous look. So can inflamed gums and visible cavities.

Luckily, brushing and flossing twice daily can keep you from developing problems with how your teeth look. You should also go to a dentist clinic every six months for a routine exam and cleaning. They’ll use expert tools to keep your mouth looking fresh.

Whitening strips will also go a long way. You can get them over the counter at pretty much any drugstore, so there aren’t any problems with finding them. Give them a go and look amazing. However, Dental Veneers Redwood City CA recommends consulting your dentist first to determine the best teeth whitening treatment for your specific needs.

2. Keep Up With Personal Hygiene

Brushing your teeth isn’t the only thing you need to do to stay hygienic. You’ll need to wear fresh clothes. If you’re kicking around in dirty jeans, you’re not going to look attractive. You’ll also probably smell bad, which immediately turns people off.

Take showers every day with soap. Clean out your nose and ears. Pluck your eyebrows so they look nice.

Make sure that you’re also trimming your nails so they don’t become pointed, long, or uneven. File them down so they look good and well cared for. You can also get awesome nail polish in your favorite colors. Whether you want to try solid hues or experiment with more complex designs, it’s a lot of fun.

3. Do Your Hair the Right Way

It’s important that you clean your hair with shampoo twice a week and condition it daily. This will give it a sheen and stop if from becoming dirty or matted. But you’re also going to need some awesome hair care products to keep it in good, sexy shape. 

Get a gel or conditioner that gives your hair volume. The body and thickness will make your mane glow.

Curl cream and anti-frizz are also important for people with wavy and curly hair. They can help to train your waves into their best possible form. You also might like some coconut oil to keep your hair in shape and proactively stop problems with split ends.

4. Moisturize

Lots of people forget to use moisturizer. Unfortunately, since it’s a core part of any skin care regimen, you’re going to have a lot of skin problems if you don’t remember it. You’ll deal with cracked and dry skin that’s itchy as well as ugly. You also are going to have a hard time keeping your skin soft and glowing.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer is one of the top products out there for smooth skin. L’Oreal Paris is also an awesome brand for hydration and nourishment.

Put moisturizer on your face every morning. Use it on your hands, arms, and other places where the skin’s exposed. This keeps your whole body looking amazing.

5. Use High-Quality Makeup

Lots of people use cheap makeup to look great every day. We get it- it’s tempting to buy something inexpensive. Especially when it hides blemishes just as well as an expensive foundation or concealer.

But the reason that these products are cheap is that they’re super low quality. They use tons of artificial ingredients that aren’t just bad if you ingest them. They can cause a ton of problems for your skin.

Drying it out is one of the fastest and most noticeable problems. The makeup will be uncomfortable and itchy. You also will probably get uncomfortable really fast.

None of this would happen with quality, expensive makeup. Get your foundation, concealer, lipstick, and eye makeup from a trusted brand. Sephora, Ulta, Maybelline, ELF, and Tarte are just a few options. They don’t use too many artificial ingredients and are still affordable for most people.

Plus, they’re well worth the investment.

6. Be Fashion-Forward

If you have nice skin and hair, you’re still not going to look your best unless you invest in the best 2033 fashion trends. Some to look out for include:

  • Bold patterns
  • Trenchcoats and blazers
  • Geometric outfits
  • Ripped jeans
  • Collared shirts
  • Asymmetry
  • Floor-length skirts and dresses
  • Light colors
  • Floral patterns

Just do your research and find a look you love. You can easily browse Pinterest for fashion ideas and create a board of the ones you like best.

Once that’s done, you can try to find the products in the pics. A lot of them will probably link to the purchase website from Pinterest. Others you might need to Google or reverse image search the articles of clothing themselves if possible.

Make sure that you’re also getting the right colors for you! People with green eyes should use brown colors to bring them out, and blue eyes work well with other shades of blue. Darker skin tones look awesome with yellow or with deep and sophisticated crimson and navy hues.

The possibilities are limitless.

7. Top It Off With Awesome Accessories

Every outfit needs some great accessories to top it off and balance it out. Get quality purses, handbags, and wallets that go with the bulk of your wardrobe.

You’ll also need hats and scarves that turn heads. If you have a bright wardrobe, balance it out with neutral-hued accessories. Bold, bright scarves and jackets are awesome for people with a lot of neutral-toned clothes.

Top it all off with some awesome jewelry, and you’ll immediately look more attractive.

Look More Attractive and Turn Heads ASAP

Now that you know some ways to look more attractive in 2023, it’s time to get started. Learning more fashion and beauty tips will help you look and feel confident. Check out the ‘beauty’ tab under the ‘posts+’ section of our home page for more insider intel.