In recent times, you must have already heard people emphasizing wearing sustainable clothes. Many of us might not be aware of this term right now. It is not very common among us but is going to be very popular shortly. Sustainable clothes are comprised of materials that cannot harm the environment. They are also distributed and used in an environment-friendly way. Most people did not believe in using products for an extended period because of social pressure. 

Now, consumers are trying to shift toward several sustainable products. There are challenges like affordability and the rare availability of sustainable clothes.  Another important reason to switch to sustainable fashion is to stop following the conventional social mindset of “new is better.” You must understand that things must be used as long as they are usable. 

Nowadays, there are various online stores where you can easily buy sustainable clothes at affordable prices. If you are willing to buy sustainable clothes, then you can easily buy them on online stores like TWOTHIRDS. TWOTHIRDS is an incredible initiative of selling eco-friendly and ethical clothes around the globe by the founder Lutz Schwenke. 

Here, we are going to discuss sustainable and ethical clothes and some trusted stores where you can buy them.

Eco-Friendly And Ethical Clothes 

Eco-Friendly clothes are of materials which can not harm nature. Similarly, ethical clothes include clothing that values human interest and rights. There is a significant relationship between sustainable and ethical clothing because the safety of the environment is social concern as well. 

The biggest challenge faced by the sustainable clothing industry is the trending fast fashion. Fast fashion is essentially cheap clothes that are worn for a shorter duration and then thrown away. The major reasons behind the popularity of fast fashion are trendier designs at a lower price and easy availability. 

What is Fashion Fashion

Fast fashion is contradictory to sustainable fashion because more resources are required in manufacturing. The huge amount of waste produced on a frequent basis is overwhelming for the environment. Fresh and trendy collection sales every weekend might seem exciting to consumers, but the harm caused by it to the environment is irreparable. 

On the other hand, there are eco-friendly clothing sellers who utilize organic and natural-friendly materials while minimizing the production waste to produce clothes that can last for long years. The basic aim behind sustainable clothing is zero waste generation on both a short and long-term basis. 

While the producers have already started the movement, they cannot actually bring the change without the support of the consumers. As responsible consumers, people need to be more aware of what they are consuming. After all, they are exploiting their own resources by choosing to frequently waste on fast fashion instead of investing in sustainable clothes for long-term profitability on both personal and social levels. 

The revolution has already started, and this is your call to switch to sustainable clothing with revolutionary stores like TWOTHIRDS, PACT, TALA, Boden, Able, and more.