By Jessica Frost

“Are you hungry? I bet you’d love to eat some [insert some unhealthy food here the person probably hasn’t eaten themselves in a month]”

Sure models get cravings, just like literally any other person who tries to show a little self-control in the name of being healthy, it’s not just about being skinny. Besides, salmon and quinoa is a delicious meal, you should try it sometime.

“Oh my god! Are you ok? You’re so skinny.”

God I hope so. Wouldn’t it be such a waste to be paying to see that nutritionist fortnightly if he wasn’t actually ensuring you’re ok? There’s definitely models out there that can take their bodies a little too far and begin to deter their health in the name of a dress size but why does that mean that anyone that’s a size 6 is automatically judged to be unwell?

“It must be so easy being a model. I mean, you get paid just for looking pretty.”

Yea, models do get paid for their looks. They don’t get paid for the hours a day they spend working out so they can have any chance of booking a job. Or the time and money it takes to look after their skin. They don’t get paid for waiting in casting lines, travelling around to go-sees or all of the editorials they have to shoot just to build their portfolio. And they certainly don’t get paid any extra to stand in freezing cold water in the middle of winter wearing a bikini. That shit, is not easy.


“I wish I was as confident as you are. I guess I would be if I had a body like that.”

Probably one of the worst assumptions you can make about a model is that they don’t have insecurities because of their profession. If anything, being judged on your body and your looks day in and day out gives you more reason for insecurity than working in a field where people don’t really care what size you are.


“I bet you’re swimming in guys who want to date you.”

If only. Do you know how hard it is to find a guy that’s A) Ok with you being out of town literally half the year, chasing fashion shows and ad campaigns around the globe and B) Ok with you appearing in a magazine wrapped around a half-naked guy while wearing lingerie? Answer; it’s really hard.


“Oh wait, do you know what that means?”

Um, yes I know what that means. I didn’t get a Uni degree without having a basic grasp on the English language. Also, the business I started doesn’t just run itself. Isn’t the stereotype of models being dumb a little cliché anyway? Surely you’ve heard of Karlie Kloss…