An Interview by photographer Joshua Charles Dawe

So what are you working on down in Chile?

I’m working on a bunch of different projects. Mostly Editorials and Look books, but I have a big shoot coming up which I can’t talk about, so excited!!

Oh nice!! So how long will you be down there for?

At this stage I head back mid May, but that could change so easily, I never really know haha.Shelby 1

So you’re originally from Memphis, where do you consider home to be now?

Well I’m constantly on the move, between New York, London and other European countries, so to me home is where my closest friends are. If I had to pick though it would have to NYC.

It certainly is for me and it’s also the location of our shoot!!! Speaking of which, when you’re on a set, what is it you look for in a Photographer?

As vain as it might sound, i really like it when they have some knowledge of the work I’ve done, I feel it helps with getting the best out of me. Which leads me to the other element I look for, and that is a lot clear and concise direction.

Good to know!! So what do you listen to at the moment to get your Zen on, on set?

I actually listen to a lot of Podcasts…yes it’s a little weird but I love it!! I also am listening to a lot of Fall Out Boys at the moment.

So what are your thoughts on life after Modelling?

I’d like to practice as a speech therapist with children. It’s a subject that’s very close to my heart, and I’ve seen the benefits that therapy can bestow.

We touched earlier on traditionalism. What are your thoughts on the impact that heavily altered images in Photoshop has had on the publics perception of what women and should look like?

I think it’s great to enhance the image, colours, contrasts etc, but I’m totally against changing the human form. Of course this is going to add to eating disorder’s. I also think though that people are exceptionally naive, I’m mean of course they are not going to publish a raw image lol.

Finally, what’s your biggest job to date?

I walked for Skincraft and Libertine’s at the NYC Fashion Week Fall 2015, which was incredible, and actually it’s the first time I have been cornered by two fans. One was almost crying as she asked me to pose with them for a photo!!

Thanks so much Shelby, and I look forward to working with you again.

My pleasure, can’t wait.

Instagram: @joshuacharlesdawe   @officialpriest

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