By Justice Jones

If you want to get familiar with the face of a model before she hits supermodel stardom, 16 year old Sharnee Gates is your girl. Looking at her timeless beauty, I’d say it won’t be long before we see her grace the front covers of French Vogue. Perth raised Sharnee is a young face of IMG Worldwide and has modeled for the likes of BVLGARI and DIOR.

How did you first get into modelling?

I was scouted in my hometown Perth.

If you could have any model as your mentor who would it be and why?

Jerry Hall or Cindy Crawford! they are both so effortlessly stunning.

Absolute classic beauties, i love them both.

What is the biggest job you have booked thus far?

Not sure if this is my biggest job so far, but i was flown to Milan for 3 days to do a perfume feature for BVLGARI Magazine. It was such an incredible job.

If you could walk in any show, what would it be?

I would have to say Jean Paul Gaultier or Vivienne Westwood – seriously love how they present their shows!

Ok now for some power questions…sharneeGates

Shanina Shaik or Lily Aldridge?

Lily Aldridge

GIVENCHY or Marc Jacobs?




Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building?

Eiffel Tower

Favourite book?

Agh hard question! I read more books than I do anything else. Not sure if I have an absolute favourite, but two I really love would be, ‘Poison’ by Katherine Harrison and ‘Frenchman’s Creek’ by Daphne du Maurier.

What is your ethnicity ? 

Kurdish, Burmese, English, Aboriginal and Welsh

Favourite photographer?

Mario Testino

Testino is a genius. I don’t think anybody could’ve done a better job at capturing Princess Diana’s timeless beauty.

Top 3 places to shop? 

Liberty’s, Tuchuzy, Episode

What are your fashion essentials?

Leather boots, leather bag and BLACK BLACK BLACK

Where do you shop? 

Mostly little vintage stores

If you weren’t a model what would you be? 

I would do something creative, maybe follow my parents into art or do something like writing. I really love literature and painting.

Is it true models get to keep the clothes they walk in/shoot in?

NO I wish! Haha.

Floral or Monochrome?sharnee3


What has been your favourite fashion trend so far (any era) ? 

I love the 90’s minimalist fashion

What direction do you think fashion this winter will take? What are your predictions?

I have no idea! Haha. But I hope lots of beautiful leather coats and floor length jackets, maybe with some artistic prints.

You have such an exotic look. As you mentioned before, you are quite a mix.

Do you think that you are ever cast typed? Perhaps being mixed has assisted you in booking jobs?

I think I’ve been lucky to have not been cast typed yet. I get a quite diverse range of jobs. Each client tends to see a different image of you, or see [and intensify a particular quality of you] that’s right for their job. I think my ethnicity has helped me as much as the next girl, our jobs are our looks. I think people not being able to pinpoint my background from first glance definitely gives me opportunities to do certain jobs.

Has modelling allowed you to travel? Do you think that when you take on the commitment to model, you have to learn to become independent faster than the average person? 

Modelling has definitely allowed me to travel, through modelling you travel to places you wouldn’t necessarily have thought to go to. Yes, I think being a model you do have to have a certain commitment and maturity level, as well as being super independent.

Models start quite young, you spend most of your time alone in a foreign city, you have to look after yourself and stay grounded. You also have to take on every good and bad circumstance with maturity and not let it effect you too much.

I think a lot of people underestimate the commitment of a model. From what I have noticed, modeling is not a job, but rather a lifestyle.

In the modelling world there is a never ending debate regarding models and the traditional physical requirements. Public perception is that the fashion world glorifies unrealistic aesthetics and subsequently nurtures an unhealthy body image for the average girl. In my opinion, the pressure of the model to maintain this body image themselves is increasingly dismissed.

Since you are a professional model, what is your perspective on the situation? Do you feel as though many models are falling victim to unhealthy routines to satisfy the fashion world? 

The fashion industries standards for body types is forever changing, it changes with every iconic model who graces the catwalk. My view is that we are normal people and the majority of us are naturally slim. When you become a model, you do start to focus on your health and your appearance as it’s just a part of our jobs.


Instagram: @sharneegates@justiceejones

Website: VisionSeven, SharneeGates

Photography: Bonnie Hansen