When you were younger, you probably had a lot of goals in mind. For example, your goals might have included finishing school, getting a degree, starting a great career, and maybe even getting married and starting a family. Those are big goals. Once you have accomplished all of them, you might find yourself stuck in a boring daily routine that doesn’t give you as much to look forward to. As you get older, you might find yourself struggling to keep things interesting and to keep life exciting. Well, it might just be a matter of going back to setting goals and intentions for yourself.

The goals you set as an adult don’t need to be major goals like those that you had when you were younger. You might not want or need to change your life in dramatic ways, and that is totally fine. In the same way that you had big and small goals while growing up, you can still set goals as an adult with a family. But why is this so important?

Goals Keep You Motivated

As mentioned above, when you set goals as a youngster, they gave you something to look forward to and something to work towards. As an adult, you might have accomplished most of your goals, so you might find yourself moving from one day to the next without much to think about.

In other words, you may end up just following the same old routine of waking up, getting ready, going to work, getting home, making dinner, relaxing, and going to bed so you can wake up and do it all over again the next day. That can get boring and frustrating before you know it. But if you set goals for yourself, you can stay motivated because you will have something that you intend to get done, and you can work towards that every day.

Goals Give You Purpose

Remember when you used to think about what you wanted to do with your life? You were trying to figure out your purpose. With goals of getting an education and starting a career, you not only felt motivated and inspired, but you had the energy to pursue it all because you felt that it would get you to your purpose.

If you find yourself struggling these days, consider thinking about revisiting your true purpose. Perhaps your life has changed and you need a new goal, whether you want to go back to school to start a new career, you want to travel to see places and experience new things, or anything in between. Ready to go back to school? Check out this article from Nuwber to find a safe campus. Want to revamp your life? Think about what you feel passionate about. Then, go after your purpose again!

Goals Give You Something to Look Forward To

A lot of people like to set New Year’s resolutions because it gives them something that they can focus on and look forward to. But there are no rules that state you can’t set resolutions and goals at other times of the year. If you are finding yourself in need of a change, and you want something to look forward to, whether it’s a better job, a better place to live, more fulfilling hobbies, or a healthier body, you can set those intentions and then work towards them little by little. And, once you have accomplished those goals, you can feel amazingly proud. Then, you can set new ones to always have something new that you can keep your mind on. It keeps life interesting, and it keeps your daily life a little more exciting.