By Eleanor Pendleton
Gritty Pretty – @gritty_pretty

Recently, while shooting in 32 degree heat in New York City with Sara Kerens, I was forced to embrace the high bun myself. And, to add a bit of youthful defiance, I left any fly-aways to go free — finding home at the nape of the neck. I had been a fan of the top knot style for years. That’s not to say I was no longer a fan. You see, I went through a major top knot phase circa 2008. Perhaps a little too enthusiastically, if you will. Even my boyfriend recalls meeting me five or so years ago and Every Single Day I took my hair up into a top knot. I think he was eventually surprised by what I looked like with my hair down! It’s so easy, so versatile and so damn quick to create.

But, if you want to know my secret, I like to blast my roots and ends with dry shampoo before I pull it up — it creates the perfect workable texture.



1. To start, gather your hair into a ponytail at the highest point of your head — the crown.
2. Next, hold the base of the ponytail with one hand, and with the other, you twist the (length of your) hair around your pointer finger, all the way to the ends.
3. Then, wrap that hair around the base of your ponytail, and put your elastic band on top.
4. Apply hairspray (if necessary).





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