By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

What is the perfect model walk? Many say it take hours of prancing in front of a mirror, to ballet lessons, to even simply wearing the correct shoes and even taking classes. The following are tips models and supermodels swear by to have the perfect model walk on the runway. Please keep in mind … there is not only an art to this, but most models are under a bit of pressure when they are strutting their stuff with perfect posture and wanting to help make the designer’s show have the best possible impact. The main keys to keep in mind here for success are physical balance, inner confidence and a sparkling personality.

1. Every model should always think tall.
While walking down the catwalk, be sure to stand up straight, leaning slightly back so your legs are walking out first. Point your toes so they are facing forward and not turned out. Last, walk with one front in front of the other, just like an acrobat on a tightrope.

2. Be hip-smart here.
This is not a dance contest and as models walk down the runway, their hips sway naturally, so any model should not be putting in any extra effort here. The key here is to not exaggerate any hip movements – it isn’t necessary.

3. Posing is absolutely essential.
Typically, many models have one pose at the end of the runway, with their hip extended. When there is a T-shape runway, models alternate with an additional pose on the right end of the “T”; after a brief pause, strut towards the left side of the “T”; return to the middle, pose, and pivot back towards the beginning of the runway while passing the next model walking down.

4. Never overthink arms here.
Let arm movement swing naturally; while keeping in mind that this is the same type of natural movement as hip movement. Please keep in mind that you do not want to appear too stiff or any over exaggerated movements. Last, clothing may dictate that it is more appropriate to have a hand in a pocket, which will also prevent any excessive arm movement.

5.Eye contact is a strong indicator of confidence.
Not unlike a job interview, never keep your eyes looking down and look straight ahead.  Models should always stare straight ahead at the cameras or pick a spot on the wall so they are not distracted when they walk down the runway.

6. Always find a rhythm.
This will make any runway experience 10x better, increase anyone’s confidence level and most importantly help a model to have fun. Being flirty and fun in front of an audience not only holds audience appeal, but will keep you in the designer’s eye as well. When a a natural bounce to the beat occurs, any model should add to it by thinking about holding their head high and shoulders back.