By Jenni Sellan

“Oh yeah, I woke up like this”. A tongue in cheek comment we often hear as our beautiful muse’s gloriously rise from the hair and make up chair looking drop dead gorgeous. But all jokes aside, is it actually even possible to wake up with refreshed glowing skin and what are some of the secrets behind a glowing complexion?

We teamed up with international Hair and Make Up artist and all round beauty whisperer, Casey Hill for some of the best industry advice you will receive. She works around the world and has chosen to base herself on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, but she’s never far from a runway or a photo-shoot and because she’s so ridiculously generous, this is just part one of three beauty blogs to get you started and this one is all about prepping for the runway. Get ready to take notes!

1.Retinol baby!
Your answer to waking up with glowing and refreshed skin! A derivative of vitamin a, it boosts cell turnover and stimulates the production of new cells. If you haven’t used it before, start with low percentages… (0.01-0.03%) and work your way up. Best used at night, be vigilant about wearing sunscreen when it’s part of your regime.

2. Apply Sunscreen like your life depends on it.
(And as a pro model, your bank balance certainly does!) Sun damage ages you like nothing else.

3. Use a Jade Roller to increase circulation and de-puff your skin.
It will work like a charm boosting circulation, reducing under eye swelling and will also help aid the absorption of products into your skin. And side bonus…they look super fancy on your bathroom shelf. We think the jade roller definitely has a deserving place in your beauty routine (and as a part of your décor).

4. Facial Oils.
They are gaining in popularity for good reason and are not to be feared. If you resist the temptation to be too lavish and operate by the rule, less is more, oils wont make your skin greasy. The benefit of using them is that they are beautifully hydrating and will totally absorb into the skin. Great options to try are Elemis’ Superfood Facial Oil, Trilogy facial oil and Origins High Potency Night a Mins.

5. Mask it.
Treat yourself and your skin and pop on a mask the night before your show or shoot. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Sisley Black Rose or the Sisley Radiant Glow are all HIGHLY recommended.

6. Exfoliate your lips.
Soooooo many models have dry lips. A quick fix is to cleanse your lips with makeup remover, apply a thick coat of balm and after 5 min slough off the dead skin with a cotton bud or clean mascara wand. Then apply another layer of balm.
Best balms are Eve Lom Kiss Mix, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and La Mer the Lip Balm.

7. Invest!
Ready to add some of these beauties to your routine? Head to the following websites and add to cart:

You can follow casey on instagram @caseyhillcreative or check out her website