By Justice Jones

How old are you and where are you based?

I’m based in Melbourne and i’m 16

How did you first get into modelling?

I entered the Girlfriend Model Search Competition as a joke because a friend asked me to, and i ended up getting signed with Chic, which was awesome

If you weren’t a model what would you be?

I’d probably be a musician, an artist or work in a bookstore.

What is your favourite subject at school?

Either music or drama

It’s Saturday and you have a day off modelling, where are we most likely to find you and what are you doing?

You would probably find me in the city, or at a farmers market with my friends.

Favourite word?


Rose Freemantle
Rose Freemantle1

Least favourite word?

I hate the phrase “Bangers and Mash”

Best advice you have ever received?

Stop, Look, Listen, Think.

Do you speak any other languages?

Yes i speak french, i learnt it while on exchange in Normandy for 6 months.

If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?

RoseFreemantle.contentAmsterdam, because i absolutely love it there.

Three people who inspire who you are?

Malala Yousafzia, Emma Watson and Nelson Mandela

Your favourite instagram is?

@inkawilliams because she is gorgeous and her posts are adorable.

What is your dream campaign?

Anything shot on location in the Caribbean

Favourite Photographer?

Andrew O’Toole, because his shots are amazing and he’s such a great person to work with.

The emoji i use most frequently is…?

Sassy girl in the pink top

Ballet or Opera?


Silver or Gold?


If you could only travel to one country for the rest of your life where would it be and why?

Switzerland because one of my best friends lives there.

One thing that bugs you about humans is that…?

…Selfnessness is hard to come by

A common misconception about models is that we…?

…Are all conceited

Instagram: @rosefreemantle@jusiceejones