An Interview with River Viiperi by Max Papendieck (Maxmoments)


River! How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Hmm.. these are always such difficult questions to answer with out sounding like a D***** B** lol. But I guess I could say: Your man waiting the “the reason” as I believe in everything happens for a reason.

How long have you been modeling? And how did you start?

I started modeling back in 2009. 14th of september of 2009 and the reason I did was because my mom told me that I should give it a try and well.. school wasn’t my favorite so sounded like a pretty interesting option.

What do you most like about being a model?

The experience, the journey, traveling, meeting different cultures, people, etc…

And dislike?

Same as mentioned above, you get to travel but you travel alone ( I hate being alone ), you meet people but sometimes it’s people you would have rather never met ( in my case it’s usually fake people), so there is always a good and a bad side for everything you just have to stay positive and stick to what you like and push away what you dislike.

Tell us about your clothing line and any other side projects?

Well I started a clothing line due to my situation, I had lot’s of free time on my hands and wanted to expand and do something else with that time, and since I made quite a few contacts through out my career I thought it would be fun to learn the inside of this business so launched my brand for 6 months last year (2014) and since it did really well I have decided to actually pursue what at the time was a hobby and turn it into a business so I’ll be launching again mid 2015 after all the needed changes have been made. Moved everything to Spain since I’m spanish so it will also be a “Made in Spain” brand

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I want to see my self HAPPY. That’s all I can really say right now, I’ve had quite a bumpy ride through out my life and I believe that the main goal in life is HAPPINESS, we all have different sides to what HAPPINESS is so in 10 years I’ll let you know what it means to me and I’d hopefully also like to be married and have 3 beautiful kids (1 boy 2 girls) by then.



Ok now some less serious questions…

These are the ones we like hahaha

Favorite song right now:

As of right now one would be Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) from Mark Ronson

Person you’ve most enjoyed meeting:

Every person I meet I enjoy meeting even the ones we talked about earlier ( the fake ones that I dislike ) I feel like since everything happens for a reason there is something to be learned from every single person that crosses your path.

Person you would most like to meet:

In this case instead of Person it would have to be Couple (Brad Pitt a& Angelina Jolie) I’ve looked up to Brad since I was a kid and what he, they have done on their own and as a couple I think is truly amazing if it’s all true of course. that’s something I won’t know till I meet them.

Biceps or triceps?

Hahaha tricky Biceps and Triceps, I love both and they both have to go together. I’d say Biceps but Triceps make the arm look bigger so they have to stick together.

Tits or ass?

100% Tits, absolutely no doubt!

Beer or chocolate cake?

Depends on the situation

Fly or drive?

Drive because I’d be driving, when I fly for some reason they don’t let me fly and I’m a bad passenger haha.

Ski or surf?

Ski because I know how to but I learned how to surf recently and i need to get better at it so let’s say ski for winter, surf for summer?

Miley Cyrus or Taylor swift?

I’m gonna stick to Taylor Swift, lately I’m really digging her music and she looks like a pretty fun girl.

If you could be anywhere in the world.. Where would you be?

Hahahaha right now all I can think of is NOT IN NEW YORK! hahaha but I really want to visit Australia and New Zealand. It’s in my 2015 to do list.


Instagram: @riverviiperi, @maxmoments