By Caylnn M. Lawrence

We all know the multiplatinum musician and current style icon, Rihanna. She’s not just known for dancing and singing hit tunes, she is also known for her trend setting persona. With a don’t care attitude that does nothing but make indivdiauls even more intrigued, she has amassed a fan base strictly on her infectious wardrobe transitions.

2004rihanna style

When Rihanna first hit the scene in 2004, with her break through album , “Music of The Sun”, she definitely looked like your typical island girl. She wore her hair bleached and sunkissed, baggy pants, lots of crop tops and fun sneakers. She also had a very strong tie to her island heritage that showed through in her reggae pop music.

2006rihanna style

2006 was the year of satin for Rihanna. She was spotted at many events where she incorporated satin fabrics into her apparel. Whether it was an entire satin dress or just a satin blazer, she made frequent use of it. As you can see, it is quite flattering on her. With such a lovely complexion and beautiful eyes, the shine of the fabric makes her seem like she’s glowing!

rihanna styleRihanna decided to switch it up for this look. Channeling some old hollywood vibes, she graced the event in a short, white flowy dress with a drop neck lined and crimped texture. Paired with her sleek dark hair and red lip, she was all too beautiful.

2007rihanna styleBeginning her new reign as a good girl gone bad, she began to get more into an edgy, slightly punk style of dress. The juxtaposition of her soft, common tutu dresses with hard textures like leather and fishnet were pretty much all you would see her in. She did pull it off quite well though!

2009rihanna style2009 began the shift from punk rock princess to adamant avant garde. Her outfits became no less edgy but more innovative and thought provoking. They took on less of a youthful image and more of a high fashion image. The dramatic pant suit in her picture clearly draws some nspiration from previous style icons such as musicians The Eurythmics.

rihanna styleThe pant suit in the image above shows the same theme. Very dramatic yet fashionable. Paired with her bangin’ hair cut, she was every bit of cool.

2010rihanna styleRihanna’s raging red hair do was the talk of the crowds when she deputed her new “Raggedy Anne” hair dos in 2010. Often times she was seen pairing the already vibrant hair color with outfits that were just as bright! What would ususally be seen as tacky, she was able to make it come together quite nicely. For example, the gown in the picture is nearly the same shade of red as her hair color, which could be seen as overkill, but does she not look amazing? Wow.

2012rihanna style2012 was the year when it was back to basics for Rihanna. She started wearing much simpler pieces, went back to black with the hair color and even wore much more natural makeup. She was taking it easy this year. Nonetheless, she still looked great even without all of the extra!

2013rihanna styleRih must have gotten bored real quick from her simple looks in 2012. By time 2013 rolled around she had created a new style persona, she was the hip hop queen. What did that mean? Lots of baggy pants, sneakers and boots, bomber jackets and skulls. Sometimes even strutting the streets in oversized athletic track suits with heels. She was keeping it urban for America.

2014rihanna style

Snagging elements from each one of her style egos, she rocked a consistent “grunge couture” vibe throughout 2014 and 2015. She would juxtapose ideas that were meant to be whimsical or overly femme with tougher pieces. In the image you can see her bright yellow satin wrap dress is paired with chunky silver chains and bold makeup.

2016rihanna style

Now, Rihanna has such a shape shifter style ego that we can’t even keep up! Think of it this way, however you see her is how you get her. Keep on killin’ em Rih.