By Gabby Neal

For many of us our lives heavily rely on Instagram for inspiration. It’s an easy go-to. You can be in your bedroom, on the train, walking to work or even at your desk, and you can have multiple images downloading with models wearing the latest trends and the next seasons must have pieces.

We scroll, we like, we tap and we click through the links. Yet almost always we’re met with a price point that’s just a wee bit too much over our budget…if any budget at all and we’re forced to screen shot and keep it in the camera roll. And if online, I don’t know about you, but for me it seems that with each time I go to the check out, there always seems to be a few too many zeroes on the the end…and honestly I have no idea where they came from. Ok, well, maybe I do, but I mean, I NEEDED that skirt, and top – it went together, I can’t buy one without the other. That, no – it just won’t go. Na-uh. (yep pretty much the conversation I have every time)

Anyhow, so amongst the weekly struggle of saving my pay cheque and somehow miraculously, accumulating new wardrobe essentials, I have managed to find a way to look good and maintain a healthy bank account. Amazing – I know.

Instead of always buying new clothes and accessories, I decided I’d start renting new clothes and accessories. I mean – duh! Why didn’t I think of this before? Honestly I’ve started saving so much money and I now don’t go wasting my pay on clothes I know I’ll only wear once and will ultimately end up on the floor, amassing underneath a pile of all other “used once” pieces I stupidly bought.

You know the slogans “Rent Before You Buy” “Designer Wardrobe” “Rent-A-Dress” etc etc.. There are plenty of designer renting sites out there, all you need to do is Google.

Services vary, but most offer a smooth process from delivery to return. For my purposes I use GlamCorner; it had all the designers I liked and price points which matched my budget. I ended up getting a MISCHA dress (Bella Hadid recently walked in the show here at the Aus Fashion Week so of course I wanted to wear the label) for $80 when it retailed for $350. Yup, that’s right. SO FREAKING CHEAP!!

(Tip – when you’re looking for these types of sites, try to find one close to you so as to make the whole process that little bit easier.)

The best thing about these services though is that they have so many products. It’s endless and it’s not just limited to dresses. You can rent jackets, skirts, tops, bags – even jewellery! And the means to do it are so simple, they really make it as easy as possible for you to receive, wear and return the items.

Most services, including GlamCorner offer a few renting periods, usually ranging from four to eight days and include a return satchel (incorporated in your total fee) for you when you receive the product. So that all you have to do is put the item in the bag and return it in the post once your time is up.

BOOM! Simple and easy.

Honestly, if you’re stuck for an outfit for the weekend, instead of going out of your way to the shops or even scrolling online, rather than pay the full amount – go and rent. It’s more than half the price and you can get designer items you wouldn’t have even dreamed of wearing.

And it makes you feel pretty darn good about yourself too.


#fakeittilyoumakeit … but not really?