Makeup Director Elsa Morgan shares her top tips on how to wear purple eye shadow, and why it’s one of the most democratic looks this season.

MYTH #1: “Purple doesn’t suit my eye colour.”

FACT: There’s a purple eye shadow for everyone.

The truth is that it’s difficult to find the right shade of purple, simply because if you wear the wrong tone, you could end up looking bruised. The good news? “Purple is a colour that works really well set against both cool colours such as blue and green as well as warmer browns,” says Morgan. “It’s also adds impact and a sense of playfulness to a traditional smokey eye,” she says.

It’s all about how you blend it. Play around with different textures and consistencies – like eye liners, liquid liners and tinted mascaras.

As a guide, the fairer you are, the cooler or lighter the purple should be. If you have olive or dark skin, then deeper and richer shades of purple look best.

MYTH #2: “Purple eye shadow is too intense for me.”

FACT: Try a soft and pretty lilac eye shadow.

Even if you’ve never tried a punchy purple hue, there’s still a way to ease into this trend gracefully. Lilac is a safe bet – you get a hint of the trend without the full commitment.

For a light wash of colour on the lid, opt for a sheer formulation. Morgan recommends keeping the colour on “just the upper or lower lash line, not both”. Depending on how far you want to take this trend, it all comes down to application. Prefer intensity? Use a wet brush to get an eye-popping display of colour for a more dramatic nighttime look – just remember to keep your skin fresh, brows groomed and lips looking natural for balance.

PRO TIP: You can also use your usual black or grey eye pencil or eye shadow and then blend just a touch of the purple eye shadow on top. “I also love to blend a very small amount of bronzer into the sockets of the eyes to soften a bright shade of eye shadow,” reveals Morgan.



Source: GrittyPretty

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