There’s no denying it: our skin will eventually start to age. As difficult as it may be to accept for some people, skin aging is just a natural part of life!

On this journey, the skin will gradually begin to develop deeper lines, or wrinkles, all over the body – but especially on the face. It will also become much thinner and start to lose its elasticity throughout the entire aging process.

These are some of the things that we simply cannot control. However, there are a couple of lifestyle options that can be implemented to prevent these issues from occurring prematurely. 

Read on if you would like to know more!

Regularly Cleanse Your Skin

One of the most effective ways of preventing premature skin aging is to regularly cleanse your skin. 

You can start by washing your face after you sweat heavily. This will be an effective way to clear out the bacteria that may be clogging any of your pores and will keep your skin looking and feeling fresher throughout the day.

Or, you could simply opt to wash your face once in the morning after you wake up and just before you go to bed at night.

Make sure you clean your skin gently to prevent any sort of skin irritation, which can accelerate skin aging. Gentle washing mainly helps to remove makeup, pollution, or other types of substances without causing major disruption to the skin.

If you’re a little bit lost about which products to use, there are plenty of buyer’s guides and Beauty Reviews out there to help you discover new products for your skin.

Apply Sunscreen

The sun is always in the sky, come rain or shine. Whether you’re running errands or spending a day relaxing at the beach, protecting your skin from the sun is crucial!

You can seek shade, cover up with appropriate clothing such as a lightweight long-sleeve shirt, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of UV protection sunglasses. However, the most important (and most effective) thing to do is to apply sunscreen as part of your daily routine.

Try opting for a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, waterproof, and SPF 30 or above to ensure that you have maximum protection against the sun’s rays. This will do wonders for preventing premature skin aging!

Try To Avoid Repetitive Facial Movements

When you make a specific facial expression, you are repeatedly contracting the same underlying muscles under the skin. Doing this for years at a time means that these lines will eventually begin to form and become a permanent part of your face. 

Repetitive facial movements such as frowning, squinting, or holding a cigarette or a straw in your mouth, for example, can all result in wrinkles.

Fortunately, this can be reduced with some positive lifestyle changes. This includes wearing sunglasses in brighter weather to reduce the number of wrinkles caused by squinting.

Avoid Tanning in Excess

Excessive tanning is one of the most prominent skin mistakes you can make. Damaging it with UV radiation (directly from the sun or under a tanning bed) will make it look considerably worse.

It might even result in collagen and elastin damage and skin discoloration which can both bring on premature skin aging.

If you want a tanned look without sun exposure, you should opt to use a sunless tanner. This comes in creams, gels, lotions, wipes, and sprays, and can easily be applied anywhere and at any time.

However, these types of self-tanning products will not protect your skin against sunburn, and sunscreen is still a daily essential!

Drink Less Alcohol

You may not think it, but drinking alcohol can be a big contributor to premature skin aging! 

Having a drink with a friend or savoring a single glass of wine is fine, but having alcohol in excess can dilate your blood vessels and dehydrate your skin. If you drink too much alcohol, you may also develop rosacea or broken blood vessels.

In conjunction with this, you should also aim to eat a well-balanced and healthy diet featuring lots of fruits and vegetables. This could limit the overall damage that is caused by premature skin aging.

Exercising daily can also boost your immune system and improve circulation which can give the skin a far more youthful appearance. 

If you’re looking for easy ways to prevent premature skin aging, you must make sure to implement the methods included in this article. This will provide your skin with the protection and TLC that it needs to survive your daily life!