They’re annoying, they never go away and there’s almost no good cure for them unless you have multiple dollars and are prepared to go under the knife.

Bags under your eyes.

Those stupid black little sockets which usually come out to play after a big weekend and don’t ever go away. We try covering them with layers and layers of concealer and still they manage to find a way back into full view.

Scientifically speaking (yes I’m going all smart on you) bags are caused by a build-up of fat or fluid under the eyes which can unfortunately be due to a number of reasons. Lack of sleep is the most common but it can also be caused from dehydration or even weird allergies.

Obviously, the easiest way to get rid of them or prevent them is by determining the root of the cause, but sometimes we can’t always do that, can we.

So instead, here are four ways in which you can ‘treat’ them or at least make you feel a bit better about them…



The classic night creams actually do help over time. You might not receive instantaneous results but you will get them eventually. They help tighten your skin and in doing so prevent any sagging which will accentuate any tired eyes. The ingredients in these creams also have rejuvenating properties which help the blood circulation which helps bring more oxygen to the surface. Ultimately giving life to your eyes.



Similar to creams, oils and serums are rich in antioxidant. These help to prevent collagen damage and even out your skin tone. Others use retinol which helps fight wrinkles. The area around the eyes is sensitive though so make sure you test each product first before lathering it on. Rosehip oil tends to be great for this

Masks (face and eye appropriate)


I’m talking both the home made masks and those white ones which make you look kind of creepy. Again, they help hydrate your skin, remove excess oils and improve the circulation – all important things to help minimise any dark circles. There are also specific eye tabs which are used only for that area under your eyes.



Not sure if it’s a wives tail or not but apparently if you soak tea bags in warm water and place them on your eyes for roughly 20 minutes, it helps soothe and reduce and puffiness. The tannins in the tea release and spread their goodness to that ill-fated area we all hate.


So have a go, and see what works best for you.