Some cosmetic procedures are simpler than others. From getting a botox injection to sitting through a tattoo (whether permanent makeup or a more traditional variety), you can be in and out of the studio within an hour.

However, that doesn’t mean your procedure will be a no-fuss process! You’ll have to prepare for it, follow the aftercare instructions, and make sure you’re taking care of yourself as you heal. And to help out with that, we’ve listed the preparatory steps for three of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures down below.


Tattoos can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 8 hours in the chair. That’s something you’ll definitely need to prepare for! Above all else be sure to eat well before you go in for your appointment; the more you eat, the better your skin will take the ink.

Similarly, be sure to take along snacks and even a lunchbox for when you take a break. This way you’ll be able to keep your energy up and help keep the worst of the pain at bay. Aside from this, treat your skin well the night before, shave lightly if need be, and talk to your tattoo artist about what you’re about to go through if you’re nervous. You’re not alone in facing this; they’ll be able to offer some tips to keep you going!


Yes, piercings count in the non-surgical cosmetic category. After all, you’re getting something permanently added to your skin to change your appearance. And even though it won’t take long to get a part of your body pierced, you’ll still need to do a few things before going for your appointment. First of all, do your research. For example, look into smiley piercings and how to care for them, if that’s what you’re getting done.

Then make sure you get a good night’s sleep, eat something that’s filling within 2 hours of the piercing, and top up on water throughout the duration of the appointment too. Don’t take anything in the way of drugs before you go in, and make sure you tell your piercer how you’re feeling – if you’re sick or tired, they might ask to rearrange for your own good.

Filler Injections

Filler injections, such as botox, are becoming more and more popular. However, many people still don’t know how to prepare for them. But lucky for you, we do! First of all, avoid alcohol and caffeine filled items for at least 48 hours before your appointment. This is so important for keeping skin reactions and blood loss at bay!

You should also think about the medication you commonly take; if you’re on something that thins the blood, you need to speak to your doctor before you get the procedure done. You should avoid waxing, shaving, and plucking before hand as well, as this can irritate the skin and make it harder for the filler to work.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures deserve some prep! Do yours right with these tips.