By Rhiannon Bamford-Punchon

A Week Before

Read the Brief:
What’s the brief and what do they want from you? What is the client expecting? Is the project commercial, creative, editorial, advertisement or a wider campaign?

Study the Mood board:
A mood-board is one of the most important re-sources for a model, it’s an insight into the creative director’s vision, and it will give you absolute direction on how to achieve what they want. Look at the atmosphere, the angles and lines they’re wanting to work with. There’s a reason you’ve booked the job, so make sure you kill it?

Look at everyone from the team, figure out their style, how they like to photograph their models and the designs. The more re-search you do the better equipped you’ll be for the shoot. What has the designer done before? What’s the mood of their pieces? If you have access to the collection you will be wearing (eg; it’s been released or the stylist can show you), you can get an idea of what poses will work best in showing off the clothes.

A few days before

Drink Lots of Water:
Drink lots of water and make sure your skin is as good as it can be, make sure to stay hydrated before every shoot.  It’s also important because calling in sick is a no-go for photoshoots. Not only will it cost the client and the team, but it will ruin your reputation.

Change your work-out plan:
Especially if it’s a lingerie or swimwear shoot, changing up your workout plan to make it a little harder and more challenging a few days before a shoot can make you feel much more confident going into it. Even if it doesn’t have radical effects on your body, your confidence will be up and you’ll be feeling healthy and happy.

Sort Transportation:
Familiarise yourself on how long it will take to get there, sort out your transport, there’s nothing worse than being late! Make sure you’re there on time, and always consider weather and rush hour that can heavily effect traffic times.

Confirm the schedule with your booker:
Confirm how what time you’re meant to arrive, how long it’s going to take and anything additional you need to bring. This is very important as often there are last minute changes.

The Day Before

Fix Ups:
Dye your roots, take off your nail polish, shave your legs and moisturise like crazy. Do not come to a shoot looking un-prepared un-shaved or with your cracked nail-polish on, it’s not the stylists job to fix up your mistakes (although sometimes they have to).

Have an idea of the poses and idea’s you’re going to bring to the table, it’s possible that the photographer has an exact idea of what they want, but more often than not it’s the models job to come up with ideas themselves. Make sure you’ve thought about what you’re going to do.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep:
Do not go out, get a good-night’s sleep so that you’re looking and feeling your best. A hungover model is something every creative has experienced, and they are unlikely to be hired again.