There’s no other experience quite similar to partying on a boat out there on a large body of water. The aesthetics of the sun and skies combined with the charm of the water create a unique party atmosphere that’s pretty hard to recreate elsewhere.

What’s exciting is that you don’t necessarily have to own a boat to throw one of these parties – you can always rent one.

Planning a Miami boat party is quite different from planning a traditional house or hall party, and these differences significantly impact preparation. A boat party is all about fun, but that should not undermine the discipline and thoroughness required in the planning stages. Here are some preparation tips for party cruise planners and guests.

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For the Planner

Create a budget and make a list of needed supplies

This is one of the very first things to do when you think of hosting a party cruise. Establish the amount of money you’re able and willing to spend on the party. Boat parties can be costly, and if you hope to get value for money spent, you need to account for every penny you spend.

Make a list of all the things you need; think about the food, drinks, entertainment, boat hire, and supplies you’ll have to spend money on. You may be required to kick some things off your list, or you could even have the chance to add more. It all depends on your budget.

Choose the right boat

If you don’t own a boat, you want to make sure you hire the right boat for the party. The number of guests, the facilities you require, and your planned activities are some of the important factors that will influence your choice of boat. Interestingly, you can hire amazing party boats from Party Cruises Gold Coast if you’re thinking of throwing a boat party in the Gold Coast Area.

While choosing the right boat for your party, think about how to design it so that your party will be memorable. Before the party starts, you can gift them clothes related to the theme of the evening. You can choose customized designs for your guests, and create the whole party with unique designs including dishes, board games, posters, balloons, floaties, etc. To add some excitement include yacht inflatables designed with style in the form of a water slide or a floating island to provide entertainment and luxury style for your guests so that they will have a pleasant, joyful pastime.  All these detailed arrangements will ensure that your evening will stand out. Check the different boat types at

Create a guest list and send out invites

You don’t just announce a boat party and expect people to show up. You are required to be accountable for the number of people that show up and the preparation to cater to that exact number of guests. Besides, there’s a maximum number of people every boat can carry, a number you don’t want to go beyond.

Music and entertainment

Music has always proven effective in setting the tone in gatherings, and for your party, you want to make available music that goes along with the mood you’re trying to set. If you plan not to get a professional DJ, it would be best to assign someone to monitor the music playing system.

There are other ways to keep your guest entertained. Bring some board games, fishing gear, or a pack of cards. 

Never exceed capacity

One of the things you should never do is exceed the number of people allowed on a boat. It’s a matter of safety, and there’s a maximum number of persons every boat should carry. Creating a guest list and sending out invites long before the party date will help you keep an accurate estimation of the number of people you expect on the boat.

Keep things simple

You know those flashy yacht parties you see in movies, with loud music playing, some people dancing, and some diving into the water? Your boat party doesn’t have to be too rambunctious. You can select a theme and even put some aesthetically pleasing decorations in place, but things should remain generally simple.

One of the highlights of the party should be enjoying the feeling of being on a boat. Also, when planning activities, don’t jam too many activities into the schedule. Guests should have the chance to talk to one another in a somewhat relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

Don’t drink and drive

If you’re going to be in control of the boat, you should avoid drinking at all. It’s against the law to do so, and you put people’s lives and yours in harm’s way. It is just like with cars – you shouldn’t drink and drive.

Life jackets

As you work on getting things in place for the party, you shouldn’t neglect to make life jackets available. It’s a textbook boat party safety tip for everyone to have a lifejacket. Make sure there are as many jackets as the guests available.

For Party Guests

Avoid heels

Regardless of how stylish you want to look or the kind of costume you’re putting on, you should always avoid wearing heels. In addition to the lack of balance you encounter in heels, the soles could easily leave marks on the deck. The perfect footwear should be non-slip and have good traction in the soles. You can wear sneakers, leather shoes, sandals or good old dedicated boat shoes.


You might need some external protection against the elements when you go on a party cruise. It could get quite chilly, or the sun could be too intense. A windbreaker will give you some leverage against the weather. It doesn’t have to be the largest or heaviest, but some protection is needed if you’re going on a boat. You don’t have to wear it unless necessary, but keep it within reach.


If the party is a daytime party, you really should go with sunscreen. Not everyone gets sunburned, but it’s best to always shield your skin from the dangerous effect of UV rays from the sun.

Don’t drink and swim

Alcohol should be taken in moderation when you’re on a boat. However, it should be avoided in general if you’re jumping in the water. Alcohol will affect your ability to assess and analyze in the face of danger calmly.

Whether you’re the one planning the party cruise or you’ve just been invited to one, these tips will help you prepare better and enhance your overall party experience. If you’re planning a boat party or boat cruise in the Gold Coast area, get in touch with Party Cruises Gold Coast. They have great boats for hire with BBQ packages.