Know These Things Before Fixing Your First Botox Appointment

Botox has become a popular cosmetic treatment to get younger looking skin. But before booking an appointment, you should gather all the knowledge about this treatment. This article will help you know what all you need to know before getting it done.

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Facts you must know about Botox treatment

1. Botox is a neurotoxin

Before you get your Botox done, you should understand what is being injected into your skin. Botox is a neurotoxin that is a diluted form of botulinum toxin. It is found in a type of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This cosmetic injectable can relax your muscles. It effectively works on the skin between our eyebrows, forehead, and around our eyes. 

After this treatment, certain nerve impulses get blocked, which stops the movement of linked muscles. So, you cannot make facial expressions. Several facial expressions cause fine lines and wrinkles, so wrinkles do not appear when you stop making them.

2. Safe process

Injecting something in your skin may sound scary. This process requires injecting a needle into your forehead, your eyebrows, and between your eyes, which can be scary. But, this process is FDA approved. And when it is done under an expert’s supervision, it is completely safe. 

If you are worried about the toxic effects, you must understand that in Botox, only a small amount of botulinum is used, which cannot be regarded as a toxin. So, you can get your Botox done without any worries.

3. Different benefits

Botox is mainly used for wrinkles and fine lines, but it has numerous health benefits. Botox can heal some eye conditions and reduce anxiety and depression. It also treats excessive sweating and overactive bladder. In some cases, Botox treatment has solved sexual issues as well. For neck pain, Botox can work like a miracle. So, when you opt for this treatment, you get all these additional benefits.

4. Age does not matter for this treatment

There is no specific age for Botox treatment. The earlier you come, the better for you. Most of us wait for fine lines to appear. Only then do we start the treatment. But, beginning the treatment after the appearance of wrinkles is the wrong step. 

Once the lines appear, treating them becomes more challenging. Daily, we make numerous facial expressions. Each time we raise our eyebrows, a new line appears on our forehead. These may not be noticeable initially, but you will see a visible change once they become deeper. 

Botox will prevent you from making such expressions, and thus you will not get fine lines. So, more people opt for this treatment as a preventive measure.

5. The frozen look is a myth

Most of us think Botox will restrict all our facial expressions, and we will be left with a frozen expressionless face. It is not true. Yes, Botox restricts some expressions but only those which create fine lines. You will be free to make other expressions. 

Botox does not block all your facial muscles. So, you can freely smile, laugh, and express anger.  

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6. Find an expert

You must go to a certified medical representative for Botox treatment. Though many under-qualified agents offer attractive Botox deals, avoid those. They can damage your skin

If you are interested in a Botox treatment in NJ, always visit a trusted and reputed dermatologist or clinic such as Ethos Spa. Always make sure to check out reviews on internet whichever clinic you end up selecting. 

7. It cannot remove all wrinkles

Botox effectively removes wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions. If you have some static wrinkles, Botox cannot treat those. If you are wondering what static wrinkles are, the answer is in the name. 

The wrinkles we can see when our face is at rest are called static wrinkles. To get rid of those, you need to do laser therapy. Botox will only relax your facial muscles and stop skin aging. So, always set a reasonable expectation from this treatment.

8. The result is not immediately visible

When the Botox is done, you will see no immediate changes. The changes will kick in after 2-3 days. For a complete result, you need to wait for a week. Relaxing facial muscles may take time.

9. You may feel uncomfortable at first

When you get this treatment for the first time, you will feel uneasy for the first few days. Your face feels tight and taped, and you feel restricted to make facial movements. But it will go away gradually.

10. It is for both, men and women

Everyone wants healthy and young skin. Botox treatment is for both men and women, and it treats your fine lines and wrinkles. Mainly for men, their faces will become softer and finer. 

11. It is not a one-time treatment

Botox is not a single-time treatment. You need to do it again after a few months if you want to maintain your skin.

12. The result is not permanent

Once you do Botox, the fine lines will reappear after 4 to 6 months. So, do not expect any permanent change. Once the effect wears off, the wrinkles will appear again.

So, these are all the facts that you must know before you book an appointment. Every medical treatment involves some risks. If you can take up those risks, you should go for it. But make sure that you have checked all the facts about Botox before you make your decision. You can also talk to an experienced dermatologist and get your Botox done.