In the fashion world its rare to find something new and exciting that hasnt really been done before, now in steps a close friend of mine who also happens to be devilishly handsom, my mate Luke Flynn who has just announced the launch of its debut collection, paying homage to life in New York City.

pin_rareFounded by friends Kym Naimo and Luke Flynn,

Prize Pins references the history of vintage pins and their craftsmanship.“New York is a special beast, we’re constantly inspired by the nuances that make up its identity, from the people to the art and architectire” says co-founder Luke Flynn. “We sought to design a collection of pins that would subtly enhance personal style, we like to call it garment spice. New York City-based Prize is a new take on a classic object through art, humor,and design. The debut collection, comprised of 12 distinctive lapel pins, is designed and manufactured entirely in the U.S.

Each pin in the debut collection is a thoughtful yet irreverent take on a classic
object, with designs resembling a gold tooth, rare steak, one-eyed panther, “Do
No Disturb” gravestone, “Applause” sign, and more. As a tribute to all things rare
and coveted, Prize Pins are produced in limited runs of 100 or less.

Prize Pins are available for purchase online at:
For sales enquiries, please contact:
Social Media: @prizepins